The Birth of the Tiger Movement LTTE

ltte_rpg_force_2The Birth of the Tiger Movement Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam

The revolutionary ardour of the Tamil youth, which manifested in the form of indiscriminate outbursts of political violence in the early seventies, sought concrete political expression in an organisational structure built on a revolutionary political theory and practice. Neither the Tamil United Front nor the Left movement offered any concrete political venue to the revolutionary potential of the rebellious youth.

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“Our organisation, as well as our people do not want war. We want peace and we want to resolve our problems through peaceful means. We are deeply committed to the peace process. It is because of our sincere commitment to peace that we are firmly and rigidly observing ceasefire. It is our organisation that took the initiative of declaring the cessation of hostilities unilaterally and observing peace for the last two years tolerating the provocative actions of the state’s armed forces. . “

– Hon. Velupillai Pirapaharan, the national leader of Tamil Eelam, in his Heroes’ Day Message, 2003.