Gajendrakumar urges Tamils not to succumb to invisible designs of genocide

TNPF_May_Day_JaffnaGajendrakumar urges Tamils not to succumb to invisible designs of genocide[TamilNet]

The Sri Lankan State wants Tamils to leave the island as part of its sophisticated genocidal project. While Sinhala colonisation, taking place in accelerated phase after the end of war, during the last five years, is visible to everyone, the real extent of the genocidal project, which is being schemed through the widespread militarisation, is invisible to many, TNPF leader Gajendrakumar Ponnambalam said in his May Day address at Point Pedro in Jaffna on Friday. All the main pillars of the Tamil Nation are being systematically destroyed. The Tamil people are still forced to leave the island as they are kept under poverty line. The SL State wants them economically deprived of livelihood as it thinks that Tamils, when kept without social and economic empowerment, would not be waging a struggle for political rights, he said. Full story >>

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