Vote Patrick Brown:True Friend of the Tamils

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The man behind Canada’s stand against the Sri Lankan government at the UN and Canada’s boycott of the Commonwealth Summit

  • Patrick started working with the Tamils from the 2009 protest for humanitarian reasons rather than politics – he has 5 Tamils living in his riding
  • One of the only conservative MPs to attend the protest in Ottawa when MPs from the other “Tamil Friendly” parties went into hiding
  • Took the risk to fly to Sri Lanka in May 2009 to bring international attention to the killings
  • Arranged the screening of the Channel 4 video “The Killing Fields” on parliament hill to inform other MPs
  • Worked tirelessly for over 4 years to arrange meetings and discussions on the plight of the Tamils
  • Took up Tamil issues several times in Parliament
  • Attended the UN and advocated for a war crime investigation at the UN
  • Instrumental in bringing the human right abuses to the attention of the Prime Minister
  • Played a key role in convincing Canada to take a strong position at the UN as well as in boycotting the Commonwealth Summit


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