UN Silent on Armenia 1915 Genocide, Its Censorship Alliance on Sri Lanka

UNOUN Silent on Armenia 1915 Genocide, Its Censorship Alliance on Sri Lanka[ Inner City Press ][Matthew Russell Lee ]

UNITED NATIONS, April 23 — In the run up to the commemoration of what Turks did to Armenians in 1915, the Pope joined those calling it genocide. But UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon stopped at calling it an atrocity and there has been silence in the UN.[ full story |

Armenian Genocide: Acknowledging Truth Is A Precondition For Justice And Liberation[TGTE][Nathamnews]

Both Armenian genocide and Mullivaikal genocide perpetrated as collective punishment. Both Armenian and Eelam Diaspora blamed as hard liners.
Truth will lead to liberation. On the 100th anniversary of the Armenian Genocide, the Transnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) honors the victims of the heinous crime and holds the hands of the Armenian people across the globe in the spirit of solidarity.[ full story |

To win the peace[ Indian Express ][ Apr 26 13:43 GMT ]

President Maithripala Sirisena’s self-imposed 100-day deadline to prove that his government is indeed the promised clean break from the Rajapaksa regime ended on April 23. A day earlier, the Sri Lankan police made the high-profile arrest of Basil Rajapaksa, former economic development minister and brother of former President Mahinda Rajapaksa, on corruption charges. Nearly a month ago, there was another round of arrests but chances are you did not hear about it. Policemen burst into a dubbing studio in Colombo with a search warrant and arrested eight people present — five Tamils and three Sinhalese, including studio employees and voice artistes. [ full story |

Sri Lanka rediscovers itself[ Business Line ][ Apr 28 13:30 GMT ]

Each time I visit Sri Lanka I come away impressed all over again by the stunningly beautiful green and clean tiny island-nation and its amazing people. For one, you don’t hear the all-pervasive, irritating honking on the roads. And surprise of surprises, for Indians at least, even taxi drivers politely halt to allow pedestrians to cross the road. And they do so specially for women. And even if somebody darts across, with the mobile phone irritatingly plastered to his ear, there are no swear words. Generally people tend to be polite, courteous and soft spoken. [ full story |

Deported Sri Lankan returns to Switzerland[ Swissinfo ][ Apr 28 13:31 GMT ]

A Tamil asylum seeker who was sent back to his home country in 2013 and subsequently arrested has been allowed to return to Switzerland. The man, who was applying for asylum in Switzerland, was sent back to the Sri Lankan capital of Colombo two years ago after the State Secretariat for Migration concluded he would not be in danger if he went back home. However, he was arrested immediately on arrival at the airport in Colombo and was abused during his incarceration, according to his lawyer. [ full story |

Unabated structural genocide in East reminds Tamils of Dudley’s betrayal in 1965[TamilNet]

Resettled Tamils in Paddith-thidal village in Moothoor divion in Trincomalee, recently made a fresh attempt to engage in agriculture in their lands after the ‘new’ regime came to power in Colombo. However, the latest effort, made with the assistance of the ‘Legal Aid Commission’ has also proved futile, says Velayutham Velmaran, the chairman of Paddith-thidal Sri Vinayaga Agricultural Society in an interview to TamilNet on Monday. A Sinhala-Buddhist extremist monk from Samagipura, which is situated in the bordering Seruwila DS division, has been blocking the resettled Eezham Tamil landowners for several years from engaging in agriculture in their land. The Sinhala colonisers from Seruwila have seized around 1,500 acres of the agricultural lands of Eezham Tamils in the villages of Kangku-veali, Padukaadu and Muthalai-madu , Mr Velmaran said. Full story >>

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