Sinhalese have a vital role to play in the search for justice – Callum Macrae

no fire zoneSinhalese have a vital role to play in the search for justice – Callum Macrae[ JDS]

At an event in the British parliament on Tuesday 10 March, the producers of multi-award-winning, Emmy-nominated feature documentary No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka launched the Sinhala language version of the film in what will be seen as a direct challenge to the new government over its commitment to a free media.This controversial film exposing the war crimes and massacres committed at the end of the civil war in 2009 has been effectively banned in Sri Lanka  Director Callum Macrae in an exclusive interview with JDS.

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As R2P Report Launched, UN Killings in Mali & Failings In Sri Lanka UNanswered [Inner City Press]

The Responsibility to Protect, described on April 8 as the fastest developing global norm in history, is understandably debated in and around the United Nations, given its membership of 193 states. But does this mean that the UN is doing a good or even credible job at protecting civilians?

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Senior UN official visits war-ravaged north of Sri Lanka[ Xinhua ][ Apr 09 19:17 GMT ]

A senior UN official, who is on a six-day tour to Sri Lanka, has visited the war ravaged north to assess the development needs in the area and hold discussions with government officials, the UN office in Colombo said on Wednesday. UN Assistant Secretary General Xu Haoliang traveled to the northern town of Mullaitivu to assess the support extended by UN Development Program (UNDP) to the community and handed over a rice mill to the Multi-Purpose Cooperative Society (MPCS) Panankamam, a producer organization supported by UNDP Sri Lanka under a Norway- and New Zealand-funded northern livelihood development project. [ full story |


Are Sri Lankan Tamils prone to collective political suicide?[ Groundviews ][ Apr 08 13:29 GMT ]

We have entered the ninth decade since the Donoughmore Reforms leading to the first State Council elections of 1931. Through the early part of these eight and a half decades, Sri Lankan Tamils had occupied a dominant position in this country, politically, economically and socially. The leading political institution of this community in the 1920s was the Jaffna Youth Congress (JYC) which was very highly regarded by the leaders of every political party of Sri Lanka as well as by the leaders of the Indian National Congress. [ full story |

Sirisena’s Commission ‘demonstrates’ deceptive investigations in Ampaa’rai[TamilNet]

A Sri Lankan military intelligence officer was present inside the hearing hall at Kalmunai in the Eastern Province when the SL Presidential Commission on Missing Persons held its hearings, which were chaired by Mr Maxwell Parakrama Paranagama, said Selvarajah Kanesh, the president of the organisation representing the families of the abducted and missing persons in Ampaa’rai district in an interview to TamilNet on Tuesday. In the meantime, Village officer (GS) in Aalaiyadi-vempu was deployed by the SL authorities to instruct the victims to appear in front of the Commission if they wanted to receive 100,000 SL rupees in return for accepting death certificates of the persons registered as missing following their appearance in front of the Commission. A large number of the victims have boycotted the sittings. Full story >>

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