Sri Lankan National Anthem: Symbolism, Nationalism, Racism and Other Stories

srilanka flagSri Lankan National Anthem: Symbolism, Nationalism, Racism and Other Stories[ Groundviews ][ Mar 22 02:02 GMT ]

To write a piece of this nature while holding an academic position in a state university is quite a controversial move. Those who read this piece purely for the sake of critiquing it might find ample fuel in it to provoke the fires. Some may perceive this to be a nationalistic piece. Hence, I feel the need to explain a few basics before I delve into the topic at hand. Yes, I am a nationalist. But what is nationalism? For me, I am a Sri Lankan. Not a Sinhalese. If one’s sense of nationalism comes from hinging on to his / her race, such person will no longer be a nationalist but a racist. [ full story |

Sinhalese have a vital role to play in the search for justice – Callum Macrae [ JDS ]

At an event in the British parliament on Tuesday 10 March, the producers of multi-award-winning, Emmy-nominated feature documentary No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka launched the Sinhala l…

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JDS Journalist on Rights & Accountabilityby Bashana Abeyawardene, Journalists for a Democratic Society, March 12, 2015

Abeyawardene is speaking to Callum Mcrae on what motivates him to oppose the GoSL on oppression of others.

International Judicial Mechanism Needed to Serve Justice for All in Sri Lanka– [Tamil Guardian] press release

The United Nations Human Rights Council will have to act on the investigation into Sri Lanka’s atrocities (OISL), moving to establish an international judicial mechanism in order to ensure justice is served to all communities, said the director of the documentary, No Fire Zone, Callum Macrae. In a press release, issued after the new Sri Lankan president rejected cooperation with the OISL and pledged to set up a domestic investigative process, Callum Macrae said: “He says this domestic inquiry will be conducted ‘efficiently, in a balanced, legal and impartial manner’, but when asked about the allegations in No Fire Zone he said he ‘doesn’t believe’ them.” Read more

War crime witness in UK under risk of deportation to danger in Sri Lanka [ JDS ]

A key witness to alleged war crimes fears deportation by British authorities that may lead him to  face torture and possible death in Sri Lanka. Former Tamil Tiger (LTTE) police officer Kannan Kalimut…

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Panel Discussion: NPC’s Resolution on Tamil Genocide in Sri Lanka And the International Community’s Responsibility to Protect


Colombo stages eyewash resettlement amidst military cantonment in Jaffna[Tamilnet]

211 families, who registered on Friday to resettle in Vasaavi’laan East in Valikaamam North and were allowed to visit and see their villages, have complained that the Colombo regime was still upholding the militarisation of their villages in the former ‘High Security Zone’. The SL military is still occupying their residential areas. Even the few houses situated in the area being released to the people have been totally demolished while the houses within the areas fenced off for continued military use are intact. In addition, most of the lands being released are either agricultural lands or quarry lands unfit for resettlement or agriculture, they complained. The SL military is still occupying the fertile agricultural lands, which have been converted into farms run by the military. Full story >>

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