U.N. calls for accountability in Sri Lanka rights investigation

jaffna_protestU.N. calls for accountability in Sri Lanka rights investigation[ Reuters ][ Mar 03 17:18 GMT ]

The United Nations urged Sri Lanka on Tuesday to make sure it had strong systems for holding people accountable, as the island nation carried out its own investigations in abuses during a 26-year civil war. The U.N. Human Rights Council has separately investigated atrocities in the war against Tamil separatists, but last month deferred its report, saying Colombo had shown a new willingness to open up to scrutiny. [ full story |


International Justice Possible Only When in the Interest of Powerful States[ ICTJ ][ Mar 02 16:25 GMT ]

So this is where we are—with politics and power prevailing over international justice and likely to do so in the future. It may be necessary to say, bluntly, that justice when it is done in the international arena is always victor’s justice: impunity will be punished only when it is in the interest of a powerful state that it should be so.Yes, this is a depressing view, but friends of international justice—and I count myself as one—do ourselves no favors when we comfort ourselves with illusions. [ full story |


Whose democracy is it anyway?[ Groundviews ][ Mar 02 13:17 GMT ]

While domestic and international observers have been praising the peaceful transfer of power in early January, Sri Lanka’s civil conflict continues and Tamil rights remain in question. TSA has obtained a series of highly credible reports about people who disappeared during the final days of combat from September 2008 – May 2009. This year, the Government of Sri Lanka failed to publish a progress report on its January 2014 National Plan of Action for the Implementation of the LLRC Recommendations. Shockingly, the new administration has failed to acknowledge the recommendations of the LLRC in any capacity. [ full story |

Visiting UN official in Jaffna ‘questions’ Genocide Resolution[TamilNet]

The UN Under Secretary General for Political Affairs, Jeffrey Feltman, a US diplomat, who was on a visit to Jaffna on Monday met NPC Chief Minister Justice C.V. Wigneswaran and questioned the Chief Minister on the reason for the NPC Resolution on Tamil genocide at this juncture. The resolution was not against peaceful co-existence with Sinhalese. In fact, it is essential that the Sinhalese understand how the Tamils perceive the collective nature of all crimes committed against them both in the past and at the present, Mr Wigneswaran told the UN official. When Mr Wigneswaran questioned Mr Feltman on the possible danger of OISL findings getting watered down at the end of the deferral period, the UN diplomat assured that the findings would be published without any change, Mr Wigneswaran told reporters. Full story >>

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Yarl’s Wood: undercover in the secretive immigration centre[ Channel 4 News ][ Mar 02 21:11 GMT ]

The treatment of detainees inside the notorious Yarl’s Wood immigration removal centre is revealed in exclusive footage obtained by a Channel 4 News investigation. Yarl’s Wood, which holds nearly 400 detainees, is the UK’s most secretive immigration detention centre. It has been plagued by damning accusations about the behaviour of guards since it opened in 2001. Cameras have never been allowed inside. Even the United Nations special rapporteur for violence against women was barred entry. [ full story |

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