Thousands protest in Jaffna rejecting domestic probe, demanding release of UN report

Jaffna_protest_1Thousands protest in Jaffna rejecting domestic probe, demanding release of UN report [ Tamil Guardian ][ Feb 24 18:40 GMT ]

Thousands of Tamils protested in Jaffna this morning, calling on the UN Human Rights Council to release the report looking into mass atrocities committed against the Tamil people, the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka (OISL) report, next month as planned. Rejecting any domestic inquiry conducted by the Sri Lankan state, protesters questioned how those responsible for mass atrocities can conduct a credible, independent investigation. The protest, organised by the Jaffna University civil society, including students and teachers, was unanimously endorsed by Tamil political parties and civil organisations in the North-East. Some even travelled from the East to take part. [ full story |

jaffna_protestProtesters demand international prosecutions, decry supervision of domestic mechanisms[TamilNet]

“While it is true that the Tamil people voted in large numbers for President Sirisena, we wish to emphasise that this was merely an anti-Rajapksa vote. We did not vote with the hope of any substantive change resulting from regime change,” said the appeal by the organisers of the massive protest in Jaffna on Tuesday. More than 5,000 students and people from all walks of life in Jaffna took part in the first largest demonstration after the end of genocidal war in Vanni on Tuesday. “International supervision of any domestic mechanism will only serve to waste time,” the appeal by the Jaffna University society said. The procession, which started at the University of Jaffna ended at the remains of the foundation of Thileepan monument at Nalloor. Full story >>

Tamils hold anti-UN protest in northern Sri LankaTamils protest in Sri Lanka[ Dalje ][ Feb 24 18:57 GMT ]

Tamil academics, politicians and activists staged an anti-United Nations protest Tuesday in northern Sri Lanka for its decision to delay a report on alleged crimes committed during the civil war, police officials said.”We cannot delay a solution to the problems of the people affected by the war. The war crimes report should be published immediately,” said A Rasakumara, president of the University Teachers’ Association in Jaffna. The UN Human Rights Council said last week it would delay publication of the findings by six months, after the newly elected government said it would carry out its own investigation. [ full story |


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The election of a new president in Sri Lanka in January ushered in renewed hopes for the return of thousands of ethnic Tamils displaced by war – and uncertainty for their children born abroad during decades of bloody conflict. Many of the children are in their twenties now and have spent their entire lives in refugee camps in southern India. Their parents tried to shield them from the worst stories of their terrifying exodus during Sri Lanka’s civil war. And so they have lived their heritage in fragments: the snatches of slang their elders use. Matches of kilithattu, Sri Lanka’s tag-like game. Breakfasts of steamed rice flour and coconut curry. [ full story |