No Fire Zone campaign update 2015 from Callum Macrae

no fire zone

AN ENORMOUS THANK YOU  goes out to all of you who have already supported our Kickstarter Campaign.

Through your amazing generosity, we are only just over half-way through the appeal and have already reached our minimum target and I can’t say how grateful I am for all your support.

Our Kickstarter target was set as the absolute minimum that we need to launch a limited distribution campaign and thanks to your genorosity we can now carry this out, but there is so much more that needs to be done.  Our campaign to spread the word of the film has never been more important.

We have a few days left before the end of the Kickstarter campaign and we are appealing to all our supporters to help us widen the campaign over and above the limited distribution project. We have so many people to reach to ensure the campaign for truth and justice remains centre stage.

Every penny that we raise will enable us to reach more audiences. With your help we could double our initial target – or even better. It would just be fantastic if we could do that.

Our campaign to spread the word of the film has never been more important. So if you wish to support us and have not yet had the time to back the campaign please visit our Kickstarter appeal and make your pledge.

I am still on the US tour with the new updated version of the film – hosted by our friends at the Pulitzer Center on Crisis Reporting.  The tour could not have come at a better time.  The new government in Sri Lanka has taken welcome and necessary steps on the road to ending the corruption and nepotism of the Rajapkasa regime.  It has made promising undertakings over press freedom and an end to white van kidnappings.  But other signs are far less encouraging.

There are no convincing moves towards any kind of accountability or process of truth and justice on the terrible crimes at the end of the war. There have been no convincing undertakings on ending the repression of Tamils in the north and east.  No undertakings on demilitarization or the release of prisoners.

It is a matter of deep concern that while they felt able to reinstate all the military honours of the man who commanded the armed forces at the end of the war and therefor faces allegations of command responsibility for war crimes, they have not released Balendran Jeyakumari, the mother of one of the disappeared, who has been held for nearly a year without any charge at all, while her daughter is left motherless – having now lost every other member of her family.

I have combined the US tour with meetings with many senior government policy-makers at all of which I have stressed that this is not a time to take the pressure off the new government.  The international momentum, calling for truth justice and political solutions, must be maintained.  Both at the UN Human Rights Council – and in the countries which are members of it, or can influence it.

If you have already given then please accept our profound thanks. Can you do one more thing for us and pass on details of the campaign to your friends, family and contacts.

If you have not yet decided whether to donate, please take a look at the videos on this page and read our appeal.

I hope that what we have already achieved – and what we hope to achieve – will convince you to support us.  The fight for truth, justice and political solutions to long-standing injustices has never been more important.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Callum Macrae
Director, No Fire Zone: The Killing Fields of Sri Lanka.

No Fire Zone Impact report produced by our good friends and supporters at BRITDOC