Is Sri Lanka Ready Yet For Postwar Reconciliation?

Sri-Lanka-warIs Sri Lanka Ready Yet For Postwar Reconciliation?[ Cicero Magazine ][ Jan 26 14:18 GMT ]


A shift to a “wait and see” approach by the international community will not be welcome news to Sri Lankan Tamils or their allies in the diaspora. Under Rajapaksa, Sri Lanka had begun consultations with the South African government on the possibility of a truth commission. Most observers saw this as a disingenuous, last ditch effort to pre-empt the Human Rights Council resolution last March. But the new government could commit to it, and undertake a genuine truth-seeking process. Given the political realities that produced regime change in Sri Lanka, however, anything more than that is unlikely. [ full story |


Sri Lanka scraps military training for teachers, students[ AFP ][ Jan 24 15:06 GMT ]

Sri Lanka’s new government said Saturday it is scrapping compulsory military training for school teachers and undergraduates. The three-week army training, mandatory under ousted leader Mahinda Rajapakse’s administration, had resulted in at least three deaths in recent years and was deeply unpopular among student and teacher unions. The new government that came to power following the January 8 presidential election, won by Maithripala Sirisena, has vowed to reduce the role of the military in Sri Lankan society. [ full story |