Tamils’ struggle for freedom and equality in Sri lanka

The Tamils have a recorded history that goes back two millennia. From the beginning of the recorded history, the southern part of the Indian sub-continent as well as the North and Eastern part of Sri Lanka have been the homelands of the Tamils. Today Tamils stand as the ‘oppressed, forgotten and voiceless people’ of Sri Lanka.tamils want justice

When Sri Lanka got independence from the British rulers in 1948, Tamil leaders full heartedly embraced united island of Sri Lanka as the future for Tamils despite the pre-colonial nature of Tamil kingdoms. Tamils’ trust on united Island of country evaporated to those leaders dismay when subsequent majority parties implemented policies that are discriminatory. Some of those policies are state sponsored colonization, Sinhala only language policy and standardization in university education. For more than 35 years peaceful protests were suppressed with iron hands and organized riots against general Tamil population.

 Is this evidence of Sri Lankan ‘war crimes’? – Channel 4 News
Channel 4 News shows footage claimed to show Sri Lankan forces executing Tamils earlier this year. Jonathan Miller reports.
S Lanka video prompts probe calls – BBC News
Sri Lanka is facing fresh calls for an international human rights inquiry after video emerged apparently showing extra-judicial killings by troops.
This video contains some disturbing images
Today more than 300,000 people including 55,000 children and 30,000 badly injured have been detained in what is termed as internments camps by the government of Sri Lanka hidden from outside world. Doctors who served the people have been jailed. Catholic priests barred from leaving the internment camps for no reason.
Tamils are held in barbed wire nazi like concentration Camps in Sri Lanka Tortured and abused!!!

The threat to Sri Lanka’s Tamils
Courtesy “Channel 4 News, UK”
Jonathan Miller reports from Sri Lanka on fears for the wellbeing of the Tamil population in the wake of the routing last month of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam. The accompanying report contains extremely distressing images

The threat to Sri Lanka’s Tamils
Courtesy “Channel 4 News, UK”
Channel 4 News reports (secret video footage) from a camp in the northern Sri Lankan city of Vavuniya ,
where Tamil refugees have been taken. Shocking claims have emerged of shortages of food and water, dead bodies left where they have fallen, women separated from their families, and even sexual abuse.More
Channel 4 News reports (secret video footage)
What Tamils in Sri Lanka need
  • Hand over jurisdiction for all Internment Camps to the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees;
  • Allow the return of Civilians to their homes immediately with the assistance of NGO’s;
  • Allow land mine clearing teams to the Vanni Region;
  • Allow an international assessment team comprised of professionals, NGO’s, governments, with International Tamil Diaspora involvement to the Country for assessment of long term needs of the communities;
  • Dismantle the para-military groups operating in the North and East of Sri Lanka and confiscate their weaponry;
  • Dismantle the High Security Zones in the Northern Peninsula to allow some of the IDP’s to return to their traditional villages;
  • Allow for international Monitors to assess and investigate human rights violations; and war crimes;
  • Fulfill the political aspirations of the Tamil people of the Island.

Former Associate Deputy Attoney General for USA Bruce Fein Speaks about Tamils Need for Independence
ACT NOW By doing one or more of the following
  • Call your elected representatives and community leaders
  • Join justice4tamils’s campaign against the genocidal war in Sri Lanka
  • Bring awareness to people about the crisis in Sri Lanka