Tamils can’t endorse Sinhala-centric presidential election: TCSF

rajappu joshepAs long as Sri Lanka’s democratic practice and culture is driven by chauvinist Sinhala Buddhist politics no change of form of Government is going to benefit the Tamil people,” the Tamil Civil Society Forum (TCSF) said in a statement issued on Tuesday. The denial of democracy that the Sinhalese suffer now is result of them being by-standers, endorsing the anti-Tamil agenda of successive Governments. “[T]he Tamil people do not have to take a collective stance at the forthcoming elections. To explicitly call for a vote for either of the main candidates will be tantamount to accepting a unitary constitution and to rejecting international investigations,” the TCSF further said noting that both the main candidates election are in denial of the problems being faced by the Tamil people and that they have taken positions contrary to Tamil interests. Full story >>[TamilNet]

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