Interest in resettlement cost life to Nakuleswaran

SLA Army in Jaffna2Funeral of assassinated Krishnasamy Nakuleswaran was held on Sunday at his village, Eekam-kudiyiruppu (settlement of sacrifice), at Ve’l’laang-ku’lam in Mannaar. 15 uniformed SL military men were busy taking photographs from different corners at the funeral and 70 of the 200 participants were intelligence operatives on surveillance assignment, residents told TamilNet Sunday. While many people believed that the SL military intelligence had chosen a target to create fear psychosis among the families of Tamil Heroes, the residents of the village were of the opinion that Nakuleswaran’s interest in working for the proper resettlement of his people had cost him his life. Nakuleswaran’s assassination was timed to respond to the call made by C.V. Wigneswaran in Tamil Nadu on bringing back Eezham Tamil refugees in Tamil Nadu and resettling them in the North, political observers said. Full story >>


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A peacebroker accused of helping to fund Sri Lanka’s separatist war acknowledged Monday that Tamil rebels had been induced to engage in the peace process but said payments were made with the government’s blessing. “Norway made economic resources available to the LTTE (Tamil Tigers) peace secretariat in order to assist them in engaging more fully with the ongoing peace process,This, moreover, was done with the full knowledge of the government of Sri Lanka under different leaders, including during the period when Mahinda Rajapakse was prime minister. [ full story |