Sri Lanka: UN review highlights ongoing human rights abuse and impunity

Amnesty: UN Review HighlightsMullivaikkal_killing_field

The UN Human Rights Committee review of Sri Lanka has once again highlighted the vast disconnect between Sri Lanka’s promises to Sri Lankan citizens and the UN to improve human rights protection in the country and to tackle the grave reality of ongoing abuse and impunity.[ full story |Sangam

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Landslide victims in need of counselling in Tamil, say relief workers[TamilNet]

While assistance has reached landslide victims of Meeriaya-bedda from the grassroots from different parts of the island, independent relief workers who have been assisting the victims of one of massive landslides in recent times complain lack of psychological counselling for the affected children and the adults. They also need proper temporary shelters and new lands for permanent housing need to be identified. “None of these has been forthcoming,” an NGO activist told TamilNet. In the meantime, the student community of the University of Jaffna, the Tamil National Alliance provincial councillors of the Northern Province, Tamil National Peoples Front and Tamil civil society representatives in the North have mobilised immediate humanitarian assistance from the people and sent their first lorry with supplies on 30th October.

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