Sri Lanka Mudslide: Tragic Stories Emerge

Sri Lankan  mudslideSri Lanka Mudslide: Tragic Stories Emerge[ Sky News ][ Oct 30 14:37 GMT ]

A hugely destructive mudslide at Sri Lanka’s Koslanda tea plantation is thought to have left no survivors. There were widely conflicting reports about how many people had been buried alive under the rubble and mud, with initial estimates saying more than 250 people have died. Government minister Mahinda Amaraweera said the number was less than 100, adding: “I have visited the scene and from what I saw I don’t think there will be any survivors.” [ full story |

Boycott Sri Lanka campaign gains momentum in Australia[ Weekend Leader ][ Oct 29 15:13 GMT ]

Australian billionaire James Packer, son of late media mogul Kerry Packer, has agreed to watch ‘No Fire Zone’ the Emmy nominated British documentary that documents the mass slaughter of thousands of innocent Tamil civilians in the final months of the Sri Lankan civil war in 2009, the Tamil Refugee Council (TRC) said in a press release. “By building a casino in Colombo Packer is helping launder the image of the man, and the government, responsible for these atrocities. “We urge him to reconsider. Hopefully he can see beyond the profit motive and allow his heart to bleed for the Tamils.” [ full story |

Rajiv Gandhi assassination case: Nalini’s plea dismissed [ PTI ][ Oct 27 14:28 GMT ]

The Supreme Court on Monday dismissed the plea of S. Nalini, undergoing life imprisonment in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, challenging the law mandating the Centre’s approval for her release and that of six other convicts. “Sorry, we are not interested,” a bench comprising Chief Justice H.L. Dattu and Justices M.B. Lokur and A.K. Sikri said. Nalini had challenged Section 435(1) of the Criminal Procedure Code which mandates the state government to consult the Centre before premature release of a convict if the case was investigated by the CBI. [ full story |

Our eyes are blind to Tamil torture[ Age ][ Oct 27 13:14 GMT ]

It’s not just the Rajapaksa government which stands accused by this book. It’s us, the Australian people. We have allowed a slogan – stop the boats – to become so pre-eminent in our national life that we have been morally blinded. There is a limit to the number of refugees we can take, but let’s be honest about what they’re escaping from and being sent back to. The book ends with a bemused ground official approaching Grant outside the MCG in 2012 when he and a group of Tamils protested against the Sri Lankan cricket team. [ full story |


Colombo sniffs at emails being sent to OISL from the island[Tamilnet]

Intelligence officers attached to the Sri Lankan Defence Ministry have given secret instructions to Internet providers in Colombo to covertly scan the emails addressed to OHCHR Investigations on Sri Lanka (OISL), a reliable source in Colombo told TamilNet on Thursday. The intelligence officers have deployed simple network packet sniffing techniques to make copies of the messages that are addressed to the OISL. A lot of messages are also being discarded, while some are allowed to proceed in order to avoid provocation, the source further said. To ensure that their messages have reached the intended destination, the people who have made submissions should request acknowledgement from the OISL, an activist who got a bounced message told TamilNet. Full story >>