The LTTE fought a ruthless State alone

Col kiddu brigade‘The LTTE fought a ruthless State alone’ [ Weekend Leader ][ Sep 08 15:32 GMT ]

On 14 August 2006, four Kfir jet bombers of the Sri Lankan Air Force dropped 16 bombs on the LTTE-run Sencholai children’s home in Mullaitivu district of the Northern Province of Sri Lanka for orphaned girls, killing 61, all below the age of 12. The Eelam war was fought without witnesses. The only source of information those days was the government, which claimed Sencholai was one of the LTTE’s child soldier training camp and that it was destroyed. It did not shock the conscience of the world. [ full story |

Amnesty: Ensure Security Detainees are Charged or Released[ Sangam ]

Mano, a 29-year-old Tamil man, was arrested in March 2007 “on suspicion” of being a member of the opposition Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam and held for years without ever facing trial; while in custody he has been tortured.

Several years after the end of the war in Sri Lanka, hundreds of people are languishing in prison without charge or trial under the country’s repressive anti-terrorism laws. Call on the Sri Lankan government to immediately release these detainees or charge them with recognizable crimes. Under international law, everyone has the right to a fair trial.

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SL military floats 5,000 cell phones for surveillance on Tamils in Batticaloa[TamilNet]

The military intelligence of occupying Sri Lanka has distributed more than 5,000 cell phones to selected Tamil civilians in former LTTE administered areas in Vaakarai and Paduvaan-karai regions of Batticaloa district in an attempt to convert the recipients of the SL military ‘gift’ into informants and collaborators. 3,000 of the mobile phones have been provided to women. In the meantime, ex-LTTE members are being harassed to report at the SL military camps and instructed to collaborate with the SL military if they wished to avoid ‘future problems’, civil sources in Vaakarai say.

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