Sri Lanka: Picturing Genocide and War Crimes


Sri Lanka: Picturing Genocide and War Crimes[ ]

Sri Lanka may have given evidence against itself in the larger context of the “genocide” of Tamils in 2009, a widely accepted phrase in the legal community for what happened when the Sri Lankan Armed Forces bombed a “No Fire Zone” killing up to 75,000 Tamil civilians including children, women, and the elderly in just 3 months according to United Nations (U.N.) reports
[ full story |by Dr. Parasaran Rangarajan, ‘International Law Journal of London,’ August 27, 2014

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Rights groups demand protection for Sri Lanka war crimes witnesses[ AFP ][ Aug 27 16:15 GMT ]

International rights groups in a joint letter expressed alarm over alleged intimidation, threats and reprisals against those likely to engage investigators probing the bloody finale to Sri Lanka’s Tamil separatists war. “Human rights defenders in Sri Lanka face widespread intimidation,” the letter said adding that it could intensify ahead of the presentation of an update on the investigation at the council’s September and March session.Sri Lanka has made it clear that it will not grant visas to UN investigators. [ full story |