Collective trauma inflicted on Tamil nation is part of structural genocide

Mullivaikkal_killing_field‘Collective trauma inflicted on Tamil nation is part of structural genocide’[TamilNeT]

In a presentation at the Annual Convention of the American Psychological Association (APA) on 8 August, independent journalist and human rights activist Nirmanusan Balasundaram, talking about “visible and latent factors” of decades of oppression of the Eezham Tamil nation by the Sri Lankan state, explained how collective trauma inflicted on the Tamil nation is a part of structural genocide. Further talking about how militarization, demographic changes in the Tamil homeland, and abuse of Tamil women by occupying Sri Lankan forces were part of that process, he argued that “it is vital for major stakeholders of conflict to identify and address causes of psychological and collective trauma of the Tamil people.”


Rapes surge in Sri Lanka amid weak laws [ Al Jazeera ][ Aug 17 14:23 GMT ]

Recent allegations that a naval officer in the northern city of Jaffna raped an 11-year-old girl have cast a spotlight on the growing problem of sexual violence in Sri Lanka. According to police statistics, incidents of rape have increased by nearly 20 percent in the last two years, with 4,393 cases registered during 2012-2014 as compared to 3,624 in 2010-2012. In the Jaffna case, police confirmed they had apprehended and brought before the courts a suspect attached to the navy, but refused to comment further. [ full story |

Sri Lanka again delays dig at suspected mass grave[ AFP ][ Aug 18 17:02 GMT ]

Sri Lankan officials on Monday sought more time to exhume a suspected mass grave in a former war zone after failing to secure the services of forensic experts. The site in the eastern coastal town of Kalavanchikudy has been under investigation since a resident petitioned the local court, claiming the remains of around 100 Muslims killed 24 years ago at the height of Sri Lanka’s ethnic war were buried there. The claims of a mass grave in the east of the island follow the discovery of several similar sites elsewhere in the island’s war zone as well as in the central part of the country. [ full story |