Hidden from view, Sri Lanka is trampling over the rights of its Tamil population


Hidden from view, Sri Lanka is trampling over the rights of its Tamil population [ The Independent ][ Aug 13 22:21 GMT ]

With all the horrors taking place in Gaza, Ukraine, Iraq, and Syria, Sri Lanka has understandably fallen off the international radar. However, what you must know is that this suits Sri Lanka’s President, Mahinda Rajapaksa, just fine. Yet the brutal methods he has used to defeat the Tamil Tigers — which ignore the cost of civilian casualties and frequently trample on human rights — are very similar to the ones used by those currently fighting in the spotlight. They are even being admired from afar: within the last two months army and police officers in Nigeria and Pakistan have expressed interest in learning from Sri Lanka’s example. [ full story |

Sri Lanka’s Secrets: How the Rajapaksa Regime Gets Away with Murder[ Monash University ][ Aug 13 13:32 GMT ]

In Sri Lanka’s Secrets experienced journalist Trevor Grant presents the shocking story of the final days of this war, alongside the photographs and eye-witness accounts of many Tamils, including Maravan, a social worker who fled to Australia by boat after being tortured by soldiers seeking his folio of photographs. Grant also details the continuing torture and abuse of Tamils in Sri Lanka, and some national governments’ ongoing support for a regime that has abandoned any pretense of democracy. [ full story |

Tsunami aid was over-billed, court rules[ CBC ][ Aug 12 12:29 GMT ]

A P.E.I. company over-billed and misled the Canadian government while working on a multi-million dollar contract overseas to provide aid to Sri Lanka after the 2004 tsunami, the P.E.I. Supreme Court has ruled.The Canadian Agro Sustainability Partnership won a contract from the Canadian International Development Agency to provide aid to Sri Lanka after the tsunami. CASP is an umbrella group representing about 50 Island firms and organizations on a not-for-profit basis, headed up by Doug MacArthur. In 2006 MacArthur told CBC News that rebuilding efforts in Sri Lanka offered great opportunities for P.E.I. companies. [ full story |

Prioritising Truth in Post-War Sri Lanka[ GroundViews ][ Aug 12 12:24 GMT ]

With mounting national and international pressure to address past and ongoing violations, the Government of Sri Lanka has resorted to establishing commissions of inquiry as its chosen path towards truth and justice…Recent discourse surrounding the present COI highlights several issues related to its expanded mandate and the inclusion of an ‘Advisory Council’ consisting of international legal experts…Attempts at truth telling within a flawed framework, as is the present case, is extremely worrying and will continue to force affected communities to relive their trauma. [ full story |

Sri Lanka slams ‘false’ US travel warning[ Al Jazeera ][ Aug 12 12:19 GMT ]

Sri Lanka has accused the United States of creating a “false and alarmist view” after Washington warned of possible violence on the island and said anti-Western sentiment was rising.The warning “regrettably creates a false and alarmist view of the conditions prevalent in Sri Lanka”, said the foreign ministry on Tuesday, the AFP news agency reported. “Anti-western demonstrations against the US and the United Nations and the recent escalation in Gaza are also on the rise,” the security message issued for the US citizens said. It said there was increased pressure on anyone linked to US projects, warning that “even demonstrations intended to be peaceful can turn confrontational and escalate into violence”. [ full story |

Going back in time in Sri Lanka [ AAP ][ Aug 11 14:35 GMT ]

Two Sri Lankan cities at the heart of a 25-year civil war are creeping back onto a tourist trail from which they were blocked until peace came to this South Asian country five years ago. The island that sparked the word ”serendipity” – describing happy discoveries made accidentally and derived from Serendip, an ancient name for Sri Lanka (Ceylon in colonial times) – is again tranquil. Slightly smaller than Tasmania but with a population as big as Australia’s, teardrop-shaped Sri Lanka has an elaborate network of mostly narrow paved roads winding from the coast to its tea-growing hinterland. [ full story |

Is Sri Lanka sinking in to an abyss of racism and apartheid?[ Groundviews ][ Aug 11 14:33 GMT ]

Two months since the Bodu Bala Sena (BBS) inspired anti Muslim attack in Aluthgama took place causing scores of damage, destruction and death to the livelihood, properties and life of the Muslim community, evidence is emerging that the attack is not spontaneous but a well orchestrated plan to attack Muslims and to incite more violence. It is very clear from this that some sections of the political powers that be wanted to create a new enemy as a strategy to deflect the concerns of the citizens about the failing socio-economic and political life in the country. [ full story |

U.N. Chief Says Access Not A Must For Sri Lanka War Crimes Probe[ Reuters ][ Aug 11 14:33 GMT ]

The United Nations can conduct an effective investigation into reports of war crimes in Sri Lanka without visiting the country, said U.N. Human Rights Chief Navi Pillay, reacting to a government decision to deny investigators entry.”There is a wealth of information outside of Sri Lanka which can be tapped into,” Pillay told the Thomson Reuters Foundation in an email response to questions. “The credibility of the report will depend on it reflecting proper standards of corroboration of evidence, whether the team is allowed into the country or not.” [ full story |