British officials held secretive Belfast meeting with Sri Lanka after Mu’l’livaaykkaal

britains dirty war on tamils**
British officials held secretive Belfast meeting with Sri Lanka after Mu’l’livaaykkaal [TamilNet]

UK government lawyers are claiming there are no minutes available from a controversial meeting held between British officials and a Sri Lankan military adviser at Belfast’s Policing Board HQ one month after the genocidal onsluaght on Vanni in 2009. The revelation comes after a year-long legal battle to get full disclosure from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office to a Freedom of Information request. The British government withdrew its national security exemptions just days before the matter was to due to be decided by a judge at the Information Tribunal. The Belfast meeting related to the deployment of two senior Northern Ireland police officers to Sri Lanka as “critical friends” of the regime during the final stages of the genocidal onslaught in 2009.

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PSNI organised meeting with Sri Lanka military adviser after Tamil massacre[ Guardian ][ Aug 08 13:34 GMT ]

Police in Northern Ireland organised a meeting between British officials and a Sri Lankan military adviser a month after the massacre of tens of thousands of Tamil civilians in Sri Lanka, it has emerged – but no minutes were taken about what was discussed. The Northern Ireland Policing Board, which scrutinises the running of the Police Service of Northern Ireland, has confirmed that it arranged the talks between the Foreign Office and the Sri Lankan defence forces representative with a view to the PSNI becoming “critical friends” of the country’s security forces. [ full story |

Rajiv Gandhi sent troops to Sri Lanka without consulting Cabinet, Natwar Singh says[ Times of India ][ Jul 31 18:10 GMT ]

Estranged Gandhi family loyalist Natwar Singh in an interview to Karan Thapar on Headlines Today claimed former Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi sent troops to Sri Lanka without consulting his Cabinet. The Sri Lankan ethnic issue was mishandled which resulted in the the assassination of Rajiv Gandhi, he added. In the interview, Natwar also claimed it was Rahul Gandhi’s ultimatum to “do anything” that prevented Sonia from taking up the post of prime minister in 2004, contradicting the Congress chief’s 2004 claim that she was following her “inner voice” in renouncing the high office. [ full story |

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Sonia Gandhi Felt LTTE had ‘Mole’ in 10 Janpath: Former Home Secretary[ IANS ][ Aug 08 13:08 GMT ]

The Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam or the LTTE had a ‘mole’ in 10 Janpath, and former prime minister Rajiv Gandhi’s assassination was part of a conspiracy “hatched by several influential people in faraway places”, says former home secretary RD Pradhan. “Someone inside 10 Janpath provided crucial information to the mole,” says Mr Pradhan in his recently released book, My Years with Rajiv and Sonia, but he does not identify the ‘mole’. “I know for sure that Sonia Gandhi, who was away in Amethi virtually throughout the 1991 Lok Sabha election campaign, feels the same way,” he claims in the 311-page book. [ full story |

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The police then separated the 37 Sinhalese from the four Tamils. The group found themselves surrounded in the hall. One man, a Tamil from the north-east of Sri Lanka who called himself Nelson, took a blow to the face from one of the officials, and blood started to run from the left side of his mouth. Two police officers were shouting at him from either side. “The officers were being rotated,” he recalls, and the same question was barked again and again: “Did you pay LTTE?” “Do you know LTTE?” He repeatedly denied it, and was kicked in the leg. [ full story |

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Tamil asylum seekers have been at the heart of Australia’s immigration debate in recent years. What exactly is the situation for Tamils in Sri Lanka when it comes to human rights, torture and the rule of law? Muditha Dias investigates. As Tamil asylum seekers continue to make headlines in Australia, members of the Sri Lankan government and the Tamil diaspora have disputed the the status of human rights and the rule of law in the country today. [ full story |

Australia’s ‘cruel’ asylum regime must end, say 190 experts[ The Guardian ][ Aug 08 13:15 GMT ]

Leading psychiatrists, bioethicists, human rights lawyers, novelists, priests and refugee advocates have published a collective document accusing the Australian government of inhumane treatment of asylum seekers and demanding an end to mandatory detention and offshore processing. In a “j’accuse” statement, signed by more than 190 individuals and organisations, the collective argues Australia is “pursuing a policy of detention for asylum seekers, both adults and children, in spite of clear evidence that it causes psychiatric disorders, self-harm and suicide”. [ full story |