Britain’s dirty war against eelam tamils

britains dirty war on tamilsBritish State complicity in genocide of Eezham Tamils explored in new report


Phil Miller, a researcher for Corporate Watch in London, who gave expert evidence on ‘British State complicity in genocide of the Tamil people’ at the Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal on Sri Lanka (Bremen Session), has brought out an updated report titled “Britain’s Dirty War against the Tamil people – 1979–2009” published by the International Human Rights Association Bremen. “This report draws on original research conducted at the UK National Archives and from Freedom of Information requests, as well as pooling together disparate information that is available in the public domain,” Phill Miller says in the preface. Dr N. Malathy, a key member of NESoHR and author of ‘A Fleeting Moment in my Country’, who survived the genocidal onslaught on Vanni, introduces the report by Philip Miller to TamilNet readers.

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