Crime among Sri Lanka soldiers on rise

YEARENDER 2009-SRI LANKA-UNREST*Crime among Sri Lanka soldiers on rise[ Aljazeera ][ Jun 06 17:35 GMT ]

Crime and desertion in Sri Lanka’s armed forces are on the rise five years since the end of the country’s civil war because of a lack of adequate counselling, psychologists have said. Police statistics suggest that in the first four months of 2014, nearly 18 percent of reported crimes were committed by members of the armed forces – a large increase on the 5 percent reported for the whole of 2013.Desertion has risen significantly since the end of the war, with military officials disclosing that nearly 30,000 soldiers – of the overall forces of 350,000 – are currently classed as deserters, and blaming this on financial hardship in their home villages. [ full story |

Families struggle to mourn 5 years after Sri Lanka’s war[ Anadolu Agency ][ Jun 06 18:04 GMT ]

Sri Lanka’s nearly three decades-long civil war was forcibly ended in May 2009. In its last stages, daily shelling and bombing killed thousands of innocent civilians cornered into “no fire zones.” Thousands more have disappeared over the years, women became widows, and buildings have been left in disrepair. “Five years after the end of the war, what have we achieved as one united country? Only the pain of loss of loved ones, and not knowing the fate of the missing, and youth with permanent disability, and shattered lives remains in the hearts of the people in the north, east, and south.” [ full story |

Sri Lanka says no to devolution of powers [ Al Jazeera ][ Jun 05 21:52 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government has announced that they would not fully devolve police and land powers to provincial governments as per the country’s constitution, despite growing pressure from India’s new government. Speaking in Parliament, Minister of External Affairs, Professor GL Peiris, said on Thursday that the government would not be implementing the 13th amendment in its current form. The 13th amendment, which was conceptualised in 1987 after India’s mediation efforts, calls for the devolution of land and police powers to the Provincial Councils as a means to improve ties between majority Sinhala and Tamil community. [ full story |

The ‘Voice of America’ in the Eelam imbroglio[ Weekend Leader ][ Jun 05 21:50 GMT ]

Gareth Evans, a former President of the International Crisis Group, does not favour international intervention in Sri Lanka on the basis of the universally recognized ‘Responsibility to Protect (R2P)’ doctrine. He continues to toe a pro-Sri Lanka line, defending a genocidal government. According to him, the argument of “structural genocide” does not apply to Sri Lanka. He stated recently that “the Sri Lankan government is not behaving well owing to its repression in Tamil areas, but it is not genocide.” [ full story |

Lanka’s TNA seeks public views to resolve ethnic impasse[ PTI ][ Jun 05 15:59 GMT ]

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil political party TNA has sought suggestions from the public on ways to resolve the long-standing ethnic impasse in the country. Tamil National Alliance (TNA) senior parliamentarian Suresh Premachandran said the channels for feedback were now open and will remain so until the end of this month. “We have had several different attempts made since 1957 to solve the issue. Nothing has materialised ,” he told reporters in Jaffna yesterday. Premachandran said the Tamil minority has suffered since Sri Lanka gained independence from Britain in 1948 without any meaningful action to deliver justice to the Tamils. [ full story |

Lord Naseby has misled the Lords over Sri Lanka. He must withdraw his allegations[ Telegraph ][ Jun 05 16:03 GMT ]

Unfortunately Lord Naseby has failed to be accurate in his recent attack on Channel 4’s harrowing documentaries: Sri Lanka’s Killing Fields, War Crimes Unpunished, and No Fire Zone. In a parliamentary question on February 26th, Lord Naseby told peers that there is now “conclusive evidence that that film from Channel 4 features two key independent witnesses, so alleged, who were in fact fully paid-up members of the Tamil Tigers”. This statement is misleading. [ full story |

SL Army conducts ‘archaeology’, The Hindu relays ‘history’[Tamilnet]

In addition to doing agriculture, industries and tourism, genocidal Sri Lanka’s occupying Sinhala Army, groomed to set a new paradigm jointly by Washington, New Delhi, Beijing and the UN, has started conducting archaeology too in the country of Eezham Tamils. The military claims ‘exploring and discovering’ a Buddhist site at the locality of Uruththirapuram Siva temple in Ki’linochchi. Meanwhile, The Hindu last week relayed a one-sided history projected by Colombo’s High Commission in New Delhi, on the Buddhist connections of Lanka and Odisha (Orissa), to envisage new business enterprises. The relay also added on Sita temple in Nuwara Eliya, a fake promoted into a larger regional myth in recent times.

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