Tamil canadian Student banned from representing Tamil flag

Kumaran Markandu  Tamil flag LondonStudent banned from representing Tamil culture at multicultural assembly [ Toronto Sun ][ May 03 13:22 GMT ]

A student in London, Ont. is crying foul after his high school barred him from carrying a controversial flag at a multicultural assembly. Kumar Makandu, a Grade 12 student at Central secondary school, had carried a Tamil flag at the annual assembly for the past two years but was told by administration leading up to the event on Friday that he couldn’t showcase the flag. For Tamils, an ethnic group living primarily in northeast Sri Lanka, the flag is a national symbol representing the movement to create an independent state. It depicts a tiger jumping through a circle of bullets — though Makandu says it’s the sun — with two crossed bayonets. [ full story |

B.C. court orders new trial for ship’s captain charged with human smuggling[ Toronto Star ][ May 01 18:53 GMT ]

A B.C. appeal court has ordered a new trial for the captain and chief crew members of MV Ocean Lady, who were charged with human smuggling following the ship’s arrival in Vancouver in 2009 with 76 Tamil refugees. The Court of Appeal for British Columbia on Wednesday overturned an earlier ruling by the lower court to acquit the accused men because the net of Canada’s anti-human smuggling legislation was cast too wide and, thus, was unconstitutional. Wednesday’s decision, which will likely be challenged at the Supreme Court of Canada, means refugee workers and people helping family members to seek protection in Canada could face criminal charges even if it’s for humanitarian cause. [ full story |

Canada Concerned by Sri Lanka’s Inclusion of Canadians on Terrorist List[ Government of Canada ][ May 01 12:32 GMT ]

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird and the Honourable Lynne Yelich, Minister of State (Foreign Affairs and Consular), today issued the following statement: “We are concerned by the Government of Sri Lanka’s listing of 16 entities and 424 individuals for purported links to terrorist activities, including some with ties to Canada. “Sri Lanka’s action has no legal effect in Canada: it does not constrain the freedom of listed groups and individuals to lawfully express their views in Canada. However, Canadians targeted by this list could be subject to possible questioning, detention or arrest by authorities in Sri Lanka. [ full story |

B.C. Court of Appeal upholds Harper government’s human-smuggling law[ Vancouver Sun ][ May 01 12:28 GMT ]

Civil libertarians slammed a B.C. Court of Appeal ruling Wednesday that upheld the human-smuggling law and supported Ottawa’s tough-talk on illegal migrants. A lower court judgment had derailed a high-profile prosecution related to a shipload of Tamil refugees that arrived here in 2009. But the province’s highest bench decided that Section 117 of the Immigration and Refugee Protection Act was constitutional. The three justices said it has been a crime since 1902 to help undocumented migrants enter Canada. [ full story |