Deciphering the Enemy List of Gota


Deciphering the Enemy List of Gota[ Sangam ][ April 16, 2014 ]

I love lists of all kinds. Thus, it is not unusual that I had a treat that The Honorable Gotabaya Rajapaksa, Secretary for the Ministry of Defence in Sri Lanka, under his capacity as the Competent Authority, released his ‘Enemy List’ on March 20th. The description about this particular list appears only in one sentence. It was as follows:

“The List of designated persoExtraordinary Gazette Mar 21 2014 (1st page)ns, groups and entities referred to in sub-paragraph (2) of paragraph (4) of the United Nations Regulations No.1 of 2012 published in the Gazette Extraordinary No. 1758/19 of May 15, 2012, shall be as specified in the Schedule hereto.” [words in italics, are as in the original].by Sachi Sri Kantha,

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Eezham Tamils in Canada evolve common position on Tamil activism[TamilNet]

In a move interpreted as a sharp response to Sri Lanka’s war on Tamil diaspora, more than 80 Tamil community organizations from across Canada have come together in an initiative to create a consensus outlining their collective position and guiding principles on Tamil struggle-centric engagement. The Tamil Assembly rejected the proscription of 16 Tamil diaspora organizations along with 424 individuals by the Government of Sri Lanka and said: The ongoing genocide of the Tamil nation is aided and abetted by institutions, governments, and bodies outside the purview of the Sri Lankan state structure, making them complicit in the ongoing genocide. These external actors have a responsibility to halt the ongoing genocide of the Tamil nation and guarantee the collective rights of the Tamils, the document said. Full story >>

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Development in Sri Lanka and the structural Genocide of the Eelam Tamils[ JDS ][ By Athithan Jayapalan]

Development is a rather ambiguous term lacking clear definition; nevertheless it holds positive connotations to rehabilitation, progress, prosperity and wealth. Subsequently it is propagated with such values in the discourses of international neo-liberalism and national modernization. What is not illuminated in such state -corporate centered narrations is that the nature of the very development supposedly in benefit of locals is often directed by extra-local power holders.  In order to understand the implications of extra-local decision making it is necessary to remember that development is not implemented in a vacuum but within the context of larger socio-political and historical processes. For these very reasons development has therefore neither been apolitical nor neutral and demands critical assessment. [ full story |

Sri Lanka: Reconciliation After War[ Platform ][ Apr 15 13:18 GMT ]

What is certainly missing in much of the political discourse surrounding the Sri Lankan problem is how and in what ways the country and its extremely divided communities can move towards reconciliation and healing. Indeed, what we have seen in the post-war years has only been further levels of inter-communal estrangement and aggression. There has been little sustained dialogue as to how healing will occur, or what needs to be in place in terms of formal apologies, witness statements or reparations, actions from religious leaders and so on, before the country can reconcile itself. [ full story |

Where Journalist Murders Go Unpunished CPJ: Impunity Index 2014
Impunity Index Rating: 0.443 unsolved journalist murders per million inhabitants
Last year: Ranked 4th with a rating of 0.431

CPJ index 2014By Elisabeth Witchel/CPJ Impunity Campaign Consultant Published April 16, 2014

Syria has joined the list of countries where journalists’ murders are most likely to go unpunished, while Iraq, Somalia, and the Philippines once again were the worst offenders, the Committee to Protect Journalists has found in its newly updated Impunity Index. Convictions in four countries represented a glimmer of good news.[ full story |

Women Under Siege- srilanka

SRI LANKADespite Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war being declared over in May 2009scholars continue to describe the post-conflict state of the country as “fragmented.” With an estimated80,000 to 100,000 citizens killed, according to the United Nations, and an unknown number raped and sexually tortured during the ethnic clashes, whole sectors of Sri Lankan society were left in pieces: civil society, ethnic groups, food supplies, and media outlets, to name a few.

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Vaiko is a Voice of the Eelam Tamils

His presence in the Delhi Parliament is a source of strength to the Tamils spread all over the world

Eelam Tamils are in a crisis unprecedented in the history. We need a leader in crisis. In the present critical context, Vaiko alone is equal to the task of raising his voice on behalf of the Eelam Tamils. His voice is the voice of voiceless Tamils at home. Vaiko is an embodiment of purity, clarity and courage of conviction. His personality draws the attention of all.

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