Tamil Eelam Transnational Government To Release A List Of Sri Lanka War Criminals

Sri Lankan war criminalsTransnational Government of Tamil Eelam (TGTE) today announced that they are going to release a list of Sri Lanka war criminals and perpetrators of Genocide for committing mass killing of Tamils and raping Tamil women.


“The list of Sri Lankan war criminals and perpetrators of Genocide will likely to include the President of Sri Lanka Mahinda Rajapaksa, President’s brother and Defense Secretary Gotabaya Rajapaksa, senior security force officers and others who were responsible for the mass killing of Tamils and raping Tamil women.” says the TGTE.

Post-conflict societies: To hell and back[ The Economist ][ Apr 04 04:11 GMT ]

FEW pages of history are as hard to read as those describing Rwanda between April and July in 1994. Working by hand rather than with the industrial methods that the Nazis used to kill Jews, and at more than three times the speed of the Holocaust, militias known as Interahamwe from the ethnic Hutu majority, and others, slaughtered at least 800,000 Tutsis (and Hutu moderates) to remove them from shared land. They raped, tortured and dismembered in hospitals, schools and churches. [ full story |

SL military accelerates forced ‘resettlement’ permanently seizing lands from Tamils[ TamilNet ][ Apr 03 12:42 GMT ]

Despite the continuous refusal from the people, the occupying Sri Lanka Army is forcefully settling Tamil people from Keappaapulavu by constructing 121 ‘sample’ houses at a jungle locality called Sooriyapuram. The houses are to be handed over in a military function scheduled to be attended by Gotabhaya Rajapaksa, the SL presidential sibling and defence secretary of the occupying State, who has also instructed its military Establishment to get rid of the complaints from uprooted people from Valikaamam North in Jaffna district by forcing them to accept ‘alternative’ housing schemes being offered at quarry lands in Kaangkeasan-thu’rai after permanently seizing their fertile lands from them in 24 village divisions. [ full story |

Sri Lanka stance needs urgent rethink – Gordon Weiss[ Herald ][ Apr 03 17:37 GMT ]

It is an odd explanation, akin to saying that reconciliation between Aboriginals and white Australia could be best achieved by building roads and bridges, and ignoring deeply held communal beliefs about injustice. Sri Lankan Tamils have almost universally made it clear that an honest account of what happened to civilians, along with a political solution, is the only way forward.The fact that the Tamil Tigers were a terrorist organisation does not justify mass killing of civilians. [ full story |

UN vote and reconciliation in Sri Lanka[ Al Jazeera ][ Apr 05 15:10 GMT ]

The UN Human Rights Council at its session in Geneva passed a resolution against Sri Lanka that paves the way for an international investigation into allegations of war crimes in the final phases of the civil war in 2009. Both the Sri Lankan government and the Liberation Tamil Tigers of Eelam rebels have been accused of committing atrocities during the war, but the conduct of government troops have been criticised due to the high level of casualties, with one UN report saying that about 40,000 civilians were killed by troops. We ask two Sri Lankan experts whether the UN resolution will help bring reconciliation between the majority Sinhala community and the Tamil minority. [ full story |