Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’: the evidence

Sri Lanka war crimes the evidence**

Sri Lanka ‘war crimes’: the evidence[ Channel 4 News ][ Mar 27 20:05 GMT ]

As the UN prepares to launch an inquiry into allegations of war crimes and human rights abuses in Sri Lanka, Channel 4 News presents the evidence collected by this programme over the past five years. Since the end of the Sri Lankan civil war, in which atrocities are reported to have been committed by both the Sri Lankan military and the LTTE, commonly known as the Tamil Tigers, Channel 4 News has aired shocking footage of alleged violations. The footage includes evidence of prisoner executions, sexual violence and the targeting of civilians. [ full story |

UN rights council approves inquiry into alleged abuses in Sri Lanka war[ UN News Centre ][ Mar 27 20:07 GMT ]

The United Nations Human Rights Council today voted to open an international inquiry into alleged war crimes committed by both the Sri Lankan Government and the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in the final stages of a decades-long conflict that ended in 2009. Adopted by a vote of 23 in favour to 12 against with 12 abstentions, the Geneva-based Council requested the Office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) to undertake a “comprehensive investigation” into alleged serious violations and abuses of human rights and related crimes by both parties… [ full story |

‘Victory for Sri Lankan people’: UN to probe ‘war crimes’[ Channel 4 News ][ Mar 27 20:10 GMT ]

The United Nations is to launch an investigation into alleged war crimes and continuing human rights violations in Sri Lanka. Five years after the island’s 26-year-long civil war ended, the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva has voted in favour of a US and UK-led resolution mandating the office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights to undertake “a comprehensive independent investigation.” This is a victory for the people of Sri Lanka who need to know the truth. David Cameron Not a single person has so far been held to account for serious violations of international law during the conflict. [ full story |

UN launches official investigation into Sri Lankan war crimes [ The Independent ][ Mar 27 19:58 GMT ]

Five years after the Sri Lankan army crushed the remnants of a once-powerful rebel force, the United Nations is to launch a formal investigation into allegations that war crimes were committed by both sides. In what campaigners said was a landmark decision, the UN Human Rights Council voted 23-12 in favour of launching the probe. The US and Britain had pushed for the resolution. India abstained in the final vote, while Pakistan accused those behind the proposal of hypocrisy and double standards. [ full story |

UN probe can’t bring Sri Lanka communities together[ Toronto Star ][ Mar 27 20:02 GMT ]

On Thursday, the United Nations Human Rights Council passed a resolution calling for a UN-led investigation into alleged war crimes committed in Sri Lanka during the last stages of that country’s 30-year civil war. Five years ago, Sri Lanka’s armed forces decisively defeated the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam in a brutal military showdown. The assault also resulted in the deaths of an estimated 40,000 Tamil civilians, in part due to both Tamil Tiger tactics and the intentional shelling of civilian areas and “safe zones” by government forces. For many in Sri Lanka’s Tamil-populated north, who now live under a heavy military occupation ripe with human rights issues, the UN resolution is a welcome respite, even if it doesn’t change their current circumstances. [ full story |

Dangerous defeat in Geneva[ Groundviews ][ Mar 27 20:50 GMT ]

“The passage of the resolution marks a historic moment…” Having lost the crucial vote in Geneva and opened the door to an international investigation, Sri Lanka is now in new territory. Sri Lankans saw who their real friends were at the UNHRC on Thursday night. Our friends, Pakistan, Cuba, China, Russia — and in a welcome turn around, India, which opposed the intrusive mechanism of an OHCHR led investigation and abstained— did far better for Sri Lanka than the Government of Sri Lanka did for itself and the country. [ full story |

Sri Lanka rejects UN inquiry into war crimes allegations[ SBS ][ Mar 28 13:23 GMT ]

Speaking to Al Jazeera, Sri Lankan government spokesman Mohan Samaranayake rejected the UN resolution.”This is not about human rights. This is a politically-motivated, biased and unjust interference, infringement on the sovereignty of Sri Lanka.” Greens leader Christine Milne says she’s appalled by Australia’s position on events in Sri Lanka. “It is very clear, there is a shocking human rights record in Sri Lanka. People are running to escape ongoing disappearances… [ full story |

“I’m disappointed that there were so many ‘abstentions’ and 12 ‘no’ votes. It’s the Security Council, General Assembly and Human Rights Council that establishes Commissions of Inquiries. Nobody is targeting Sri Lanka here. Commissions of Inquiry were appointed in respect of Palestine, in respect of Syria and more recently the Central African Republic. The African Union established one for South Sudan. So these are the usual mechanisms employed by the international organisations, the United Nations and it various bodies, for victims to get protection of human rights, to seek accountability and to ensure victims get the justice they are seeking” Navi Pillay, the High Commissioner of Human Rights told Al Jazeera while speaking about the Sri Lanka inquiry, approved by the UN.