An Unfinished War: torture and sexual violence in Sri Lanka

missing-person-wife**An Unfinished War: torture and sexual violence in Sri Lanka[ Stop Torture ][ Mar 21 01:46 GMT ]

The fighting stopped in Sri Lanka five years ago but torture and rape by the security forces hasn’t. Here you will find horrifying tales from survivors of Sri Lanka’s notorious “white vans” run by the police and army. Most were targeted because they were suspected supporters or members of the defeated Tamil Tiger rebels. Forty survivors – men and women – describe being handcuffed and blindfolded, thrown into darkened cells where they were repeatedly subjected to torture, including branding with hot metal objects and multiple rapes so brutal that they were left heavily bleeding. [ full story |

Risking even their lives, Tamils demand international investigations: Mannaar Bishop[TamilNet]

Bishop of MannaarThe rulers of the Sri Lankan State are not prepared to come to light; they continue with their activities in darkness. They are capable of telling bigger lies than Satan’s biggest lies, said Rt. Rev. Dr. Rayappu Joseph, the Catholic Bishop of Mannaar, taking part at a peaceful rally in Mannaar on Friday. Even the investigations that are about to commence with international monitoring, as it is being proposed now, are not adequate, he said. “We don’t need it. The Sri Lankan State is capable of guiding even that process under the darkness. The Sri Lankan government is capable in twisting everything through its propaganda orchestration. We also know what happened to the doctors who came from the war zone. As far we as we are concerned, there should only be an international investigation that could bring justice,” the Bishop said.

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Tamil extremists in de facto alliance with Lanka regime[ SAAG ][ Mar 21 01:36 GMT ]

Some things are difficult to believe; occasionally they are out of this world, but some are this-worldly perfidious realities. Increasingly vocal UFO-nuts insisting that MH 370 was abducted by aliens to a far away star-cluster fit the first group. What example of the latter has sprung to light? Geneva season is driving Tamil ultra-extremists balmy. Forgive me if my consternation is excessive, but my concern is great; information coming through from London and Geneva strikes me as either other worldly insanity or a grubby play for some kind of benefits. Tamil ultras, it is reported, are planning a march in Geneva next week to burn copies of the US sponsored resolution against alleged human rights violations in Lanka. [ full story |

‘Sri Lanka may have special units to monitor UN informants’[ Weekend Leader ][ Mar 21 01:35 GMT ]

The Sri Lankan government’s ongoing dirty tactics to silence and smear dissidents are a brazen attempt to deflect criticism as the country faces fresh scrutiny at the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, Amnesty International India said in a press release today. The Council is due to vote next week on a resolution calling for an international investigation into alleged war crimes and crimes against humanity in Sri Lanka during the protracted and bloody internal armed conflict with the LTTE (Tamil Tigers). [ full story |

Sri Lanka: Government rounds up activists as UN fudges on inquiry[ Asian Correspondent ][ Mar 21 12:28 GMT ]

The international community’s move to delete demilitarisation from the draft signals to Colombo that there will be no serious opposition to it ruling northern Sri Lanka through the military. It also tells the Government very clearly that while the international community might pressure Colombo to release detained HRDs off and on, there will be no consequences to perpetuating the main instruments – militarisation and the PTA – that cause human rights violations to take place, and put in jeopardy the liberty of activists like Jeyakumari, Fernando and Mahesan. [ full story |

Stand up for human rights in Sri Lanka[ Amnesty International ][ Mar 21 12:32 GMT ] Australia must not tarnish its human rights reputation further by leaving the door open for abuses in Sri Lanka. Tell Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, that we must put human rights first. Call on Ms Bishop to ensure that Australia co-sponsors the UN resolution to investigate war crimes and speak out about ongoing, systematic abuses in Sri Lanka. [ full story |

Australia resists pressure on Sri Lanka war crimes probe[ Age ][ Mar 21 12:30 GMT ] Australia’s Foreign Minister, Julie Bishop, confirmed that Australia had not co-sponsored the resolution, and wanted a motion to reflect ”progress” in ”reconstruction and rehabilitation” in Sri Lanka. Australia has previously co-sponsored resolutions at the UN’s Human Rights Council, expressing concern about Sri Lanka’s record. But it is thought to have exasperated the US, Canada, Britain and the European Union by not yet backing this one, which for the first time calls for an independent and comprehensive inquiry into the allegations. [ full story |

SRI LANKA: A human rights defender illegally detained and held without charge[ AHRC ][ Mar 21 12:39 GMT ] The Asian Human Rights Commission believes that Jayakumary’s life is in danger as the United Nations Human Rights Council is about to take a resolution asking the UN High Commissioner of Human Rights to initiate a mechanism and report back to the UNHRC on war crimes which happened during the conflict in Sri Lanka. Jayakumari seeks justice and the protection for her life and that of her only remaining child and seeks the rights as enshrined in the Constitution of Sri Lanka. [ full story |

Sri Lanka and human rights: Never a good time[ The Economist ][ Mar 21 13:16 GMT ] IT WAS with an incredible sense of bad timing that the government of Sri Lanka arrested a couple of prominent human-rights workers this week—just as the United Nations’ human-rights council in Geneva goes to work sifting through its murky record for some sign of progress. Activists now fear a wider crackdown by the president, Mahinda Rajapaksa. His regime has grown increasingly defiant in the face of an American-led resolution that seeks to hold it accountable for war crimes that are alleged to have happened at the end of Sri Lanka’s civil war in 2009—and also calls for an end a series of ongoing human-rights abuses. The resolution is to be tabled before the council on March 26th. [ full story |

Sri Lanka Tamils subjected to horrific abuse after 2009 civil war, says report[ The Guardian ][ Mar 21 13:18 GMT ] Horrifying details of sexual and physical abuse, including forced oral sex, anal rape and water torture, have been documented in a new report on Sri Lanka’s treatment of Tamils after the end of the 2009 civil war, which includes testimony from returned asylum seekers and raises further questions about Australia’s deportation of Tamils. The report from the United Kingdom Bar Human Rights Committee, human rights lawyer Yasmin Sooka and the International Truth & Justice Project, details evidence of abuse from Tamils who say they were beaten with pipes, burnt with cigarettes and branded with hot objects. [ full story |

U.S. expresses concern on Sri Lanka’s arrest of rights activists[ Reuters ][ Mar 22 13:37 GMT ] The United States expressed concern on Friday about the Sri Lankan government’s arrest of two human rights activists this week and about an overall “deteriorating human rights situation” in the island nation. Ruki Fernando, a human rights adviser, and Praveen Mahesahn, a pastor and director of a rights group, were arrested, Sri Lanka’s military said on Monday, under an anti-terrorism law that was used to crush Tamil Tiger rebels during the final phase of a quarter-century long war. U.S. State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said it was “encouraging” that the two have since been released but added that they continue to face harassment by Sri Lankan security forces. [ full story |

MDMK wants to rename nation as United States of India, lift LTTE ban[ IANS ][ Mar 22 13:50 GMT ] The MDMK has promised in its manifesto released Saturday that it would rename the country as the United States of India if takes part in government formation after the Lok Sabha polls. The party, led by firebrand Tamil leader Vaiko, also said it would lift the ban on Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE). According to the MDMK, the Indian Constitution when it was formed promised a federal governance structure. Those who initially claimed “unity in diversity” gradually began to concentrate power in the central government, the party said. [ full story |