Sri Lankan ‘Soldier’ Claims Chemical Attack on Tamil Civilians

ltte dead body chemical weapon(COLOMBO) – NewsX accesses chilling visual evidence of death of destruction in Sri Lanka.

The video report below reveals a chilling account of a Sri Lankan soldier confessing to war crimes. The Sinhala Buddhist government of Sri Lanka has waged a long war against the Tamil culture.

While the fighting ceased with the defeat of the Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam (LTTE) in 2009, the abuse of the population did not end.

Sri Lanka has denied its role in the Genocide of Tamils for five years, now they are in Geneva in front of the United Nations Human Rights Council answering to a long list of egregious crimes against humanity, almost all of which were perpetrated upon the Tamil people, who are Hindu, Christian and Muslim.

The United Nations state that roughly 40,000 Tamils died, but other sources place the number of dead and disappeared at 160,000.

The Sri Lankan soldier says the army used chemical weapons on trapped civilians at the end of the country’s civil war.

Soldiers boast of burning skin of Tamilians with a substance similar to white phosphorous.

White phosphorous is forbidden from use on civilian populations under international law. sl used chemical

In the video, a Sri Lankan soldier claims LTTE cadre trapped on the beach were eliminated with the use of chemicals.

Courtesy: NewsX

sl used chemical 2

SL military deploys terror in Vanni, Priest, NGO activist under arrest[TamilNet]

Human Rights defender Rev. Fr. Praveen, former director of the Centre for Peace and Reconciliation (CPR), who has been subjected to harassment by the occupying SL military several times, has been arrested by the occupying Sri Lankan military and Police in Ki’linochchi Sunday night together with a human rights activist from Colombo, Ruki Fernando, when the two human rights activists were trying to locate information on what had happened to 13-year-old Vipooshika and her mother Jeyakumari at Tharumapuram in Ki’lnochchi. Ruki Fernando is a human rights adivisor with INFORM. In the meantime, a reliable source inside the Sri Lankan police revealed some exclusive details to a media source in Colombo on what happened to the arrested Jeyakumari and her daughter.

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