US draft ‘positive’ on many counts in making Tamils ‘learn lesson’

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US draft ‘positive’ on many counts in making Tamils ‘learn lesson’[ TamilNet ][ Mar 12 13:03 GMT ]

The US draft tabled at the UNHRC has to be recognized for its positive aspects in disguise that make Tamils learn historic lessons, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. The draft opens eyes on the ultimate culprits who actually led Eezham Tamils into Mu’l’livaaykkaal and continue to lead them into accepting structural genocide; on the extent of USA’s confidence in the inherent orientation for subservience and gullibility among Eezham Tamil ‘articulators’; … [ full story |

In Sri Lanka, signs of war slowly being erased but not the scars[ Al-Jazeera ][ Mar 12 14:39 GMT ]

“Their vision for controlling the north really, sadly, seems to me, is not reconciliation, but it’s occupation,” said Fred Carver, director of the Sri Lanka Campaign for Peace and Justice. Five years after the end of the civil war, berms, razor wire, bunkers and newly installed Buddhist shrines mark the ubiquitous army bases in towns large and small throughout the Tamil-majority north. The soldiers are uniformly Sinhalese, and most do not speak any Tamil. In private, they are often referred to as an occupation force. [ full story |

Monitor Sri Lankan returnees, govt urged[ AAP ][ Mar 12 14:35 GMT ]

Australia should be monitoring the safety of Sri Lankan asylum seekers it forcibly returns home, a human rights group says. A Human Rights Law Centre report says most Sri Lankan asylum seekers are genuine refugees but the way the Australian government treats them is based on a “politically expedient” assumption that they’re economic migrants. The report was particularly critical of the enhanced screening process Australia applies to Sri Lankans – a truncated assessment process in which they have no access to a lawyer and no independent review of the decision. [ full story |

Sri Lanka: Weak UN resolution will endanger justice[ Asian Correspondent ][ Mar 12 13:00 GMT ]

A resolution that establishes a weak investigating body will only render ineffectual what the international community says it is working for – strengthening human rights to promote reconciliation in a country recovering from war. Therefore if the international community actually believes what it preaches to the Tamils – that reconciliation within a united Sri Lanka is possible – it should at least fulfil its part of the bargain by using all means available to adopt a robust resolution in the UNHRC that delivers on human rights and justice to the survivors. [ full story |

4,000 Tamils protest in Geneva for Sri Lanka war crimes probe[ AFP ][ Mar 11 13:02 GMT ]

Thousands of Tamils demonstrated in Geneva on Monday to protest Sri Lanka’s rejection of calls for an international probe into alleged war crimes at the end of its civil war. Some 4,000 people, who had come from across Europe by bus and train, marched through Geneva and crowded into the square outside the United Nations’ European headquarters, according to Geneva police. [ full story |

Australian police declined to interview ‘tortured’ Sri Lankan asylum seeker[ Guardian ][ Mar 11 12:57 GMT ]

The Australian federal police declined the opportunity to interview a Sri Lankan asylum seeker sent back from Christmas Island who alleged he had been “severely tortured” by local police on his return, a cable obtained under freedom of information laws has revealed. The cable, sent to Canberra from the Australian high commission in Colombo in August 2010, states that the AFP did not interview the alleged torture victim so as to avoid interference with an investigation being conducted by the Sri Lankan police. [ full story |