In Geneva, Sri Lanka Resolution Tabled, Watered Down, No Power

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In Geneva, Sri Lanka Resolution Tabled, Watered Down, No Power[ Inner City Press ][ Mar 04 03:08 GMT ]

When the UN Human Rights Council began its speeches on Monday morning, Hugo Swires of the UK, Canada and others cited Sri Lanka and the need for accountability. US Ambassador Samantha Power, according to the UN’s list of speakers, was to appear late Tuesday. But at 4 pm on Monday when the marked up Sri Lanka resolution was tabled, its eight operative paragraph appeared to simply kick the can down the road again, asking for another update from the High Commissioner for Human Rights — who soon won’t be Navi Pillay anymore. Click here for draft as provided to Inner City Press. [ full story |

US puts Sri Lanka on notice over alleged war crimes[ AFP ][ Mar 04 16:12 GMT ]

A US-led resolution calling for an international probe into allegations that 40,000 civilians were killed at the end of Sri Lanka’s separatist war has been filed with the UN’s top rights body.The draft welcomed Pillay’s recommendation following her visit to Sri Lanka in August that there should be an “independent and credible investigation in the absence of a credible national process with tangible results”. [ full story |

Sri Lanka fails to get assurance from India on UNHRC resolution[ PTI ][ Mar 04 16:17 GMT ]

Brushing aside opposition from DMK and other parties in Tamil Nadu, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh today met Sri Lankan President Mahinda Rajapaksa but did not give him any assurance on which way India will vote on a UNHRC resolution for an independent international probe into rights abuses during the war with LTTE. The draft resolution, tabled at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today, briefly figured during the 25-minute meeting Singh had with Rajapaksa here on the margins of the BIMSTEC Summit. [ full story |

Church calls for an international investigation into war crimes in Sri Lanka[ Asia News ][ Mar 04 16:27 GMT ]

Some 205 members of the Catholic Church in northern and eastern Sri Lanka are calling for an international investigation into the crimes that took place during almost 30 years of civil war and for a stop to the human rights violations that are still happening today in Sri Lanka. They made their request to the United Nations Council for Human Rights (UNHRC) in a letter in which they call for concrete answers to the demand among Sri Lankans for peace and reconciliation, especially among Tamils. [ full story |