Rajiv’s case: Tamils need to convince other Indians

Rajiv Gandhi

Freedom for Rajiv’s killers: Tamils need to convince other Indians[ Rediff ][ Feb 22 14:16 GMT ]

The Supreme Court has commuted the death sentences of three of former Indian Prime Minister Rajiv Gandhi’s killers to life imprisonment. Its argument is that the central government has not been able to decide on the convicted killers’ mercy plea even 11 years after they were sentenced. The agony of not knowing whether they will live or die was considered by the apex court to be unfair to the three convicted killers. They also pointed out that the mercy pleas of other convicts on death row were decided upon much faster, sparing them this agony. [ full story |

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Question of substantial justice in Rajiv case: Ram Jethmalani[ PTI ][ Feb 21 18:42 GMT ]

Noted advocate Ram Jethmalani today rejected arguments that there were procedural lapses on the part of Tamil Nadu government in deciding to release seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case and said it was a “question of substantial justice.” “One side the allegations are being made. It is not a question of irregularity of procedure but it is the question of substantial justice,” Jethmalani told reporters here. [ full story |

Life sentence need not mean life in prison. Our justice system stands for reformation, and this doesn’t translate into incarcerating someone till death. Only ignorance of what justice means can lead someone to oppose the release of convicts. That is being savage and blind. Releasing them proves the magnanimity of modern India. They have served 22 years in prison and have records proving their reformation and good conduct. Justice VR Krishna Iyer [ full story |

Govt to abide by SC decision in Rajiv Gandhi case: Sibal[ PTI ][ Feb 19 14:12 GMT ]

Law minister Kapil Sibal on Wednesday said government would abide by Supreme Court’s decision commuting death penalty of convicts in Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, but took a jibe at BJP for not uttering a word on the issue while it had bayed for Afzal Guru’s blood. “They (BJP) were baying for the blood of Afzal Guru and I am surprised that when it comes to other assassins, they don’t even utter a word. I think BJP has something to answer to,” he told reporters, questioning the silence of the opposition party over the issue. [ full story |

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Tamil Nadu govt urged to help Rajiv assassins lead a peaceful life after their release[ Times of India ][ Feb 19 14:34 GMT ]

Pro-Tamil parties on Wednesday welcomed Tamil Nadu government’s move to release all seven accused in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case. In separate statements, MDMK chief Vaiko and PMK chief S Ramadoss hailed chief minister J Jayalalithaa’s announcement that the cabinet had decided to release all the seven people. They said Perarivalan, Murugan, Santhan, Nalini, Robert Pyas, Jayakumar and Ravichandran were falsely accused in the case. [ full story |

MHA’s sends note to Jaya govt, says decision on Rajiv assassins’ release legally untenable[ Times of India ][ Feb 20 21:36 GMT ]

The Union home ministry on Thursday wrote to Tamil Nadu government objecting to its decision to release all seven convicts in the Rajiv Gandhi assassination case, and asserted that the Centre was the “appropriate government” to decide on remission of their sentence. The letter followed Prime Minister Manmohan Singh’s statement earlier in the day, terming J Jayalalithaa regime’s move as legally untenable and against the principles of justice. [ full story |