On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Say, But Ban’s Invited To Colombo in May

 	Yukio Takasu one of UN officials prevented Sri Lanka *

On Sri Lanka, UN Won’t Say, But Ban’s Invited To Colombo in May[ Inner City Press ][ Feb 20 21:30 GMT ]

On Sri Lanka, this UN remains shrouded in mystery, some say, worse. After Secretary General Ban Ki-moon met with Sri Lankan Youth and Skills Development Minister Dullas Alahapperuma and Ambassador Palitha Kohona on February 18, Inner City Press on February 19 asked Ban’s outgoing spokesperson Martin Nesirky if Alahapperuma had invited Ban to Colombo in May for a youth conference. Video here and embedded below. Nesirky said among other things that the UN is not in the habit of disclosing what its interlocutors say. (The UN refused the request at the beginning of 2014 of the Free UN Coalition for Access for a read out of even Ban’s side of his call to the president of his native South Korea… [ full story |

Sri Lanka’s war crimes and the US “human rights” charade[ WSWS ][ Feb 20 17:20 GMT ]

While Rajapakse is undoubtedly implicated in crimes, no credence should be placed in Washington’s bogus “human rights” campaign. Moreover, Washington fully backed the Rajapakse government when it tore up the ceasefire agreement with the LTTE and renewed military offensives in 2006. While denouncing the LTTE, the US, along with India and China, provided vital military assistance to the Sri Lankan army and remained silent amid mounting evidence of its atrocities. The US implemented its own ban on the LTTE by hunting down its supporters and fund raisers, and strong-armed the European Union into doing the same. [ full story |

Sri Lanka Must Tackle Resolution Head On[ Huffington Post ][ Feb 20 11:20 GMT ]

While the Sri Lankan government has once again decried the resolution as being “anti-Sri Lanka”, accusing the Western nations of hindering the reconciliation efforts, it appears likely that the government will be faced with a passed resolution. Time is clearly running out for the Sri Lankan government, the international community has shown that their patience is wearing thin. Despite the government’s domestic campaign against the resolutions it is clear that unless they address these concerns internationally the pressure on the regime will only increase. [ full story |

India set to back UN investigation into Sri Lanka war ‘crimes’[ Telegraph ][ Feb 19 16:11 GMT ]

India’s Congress-led government will support an international investigation into Sri Lanka’s alleged war crimes to win Tamil votes in April’s general election…India is set to support an international investigation into alleged war crimes by the Sri Lankan army in the final stages of its long civil war, government sources said on Wednesday.”The decision will be made in the midst of an election campaign, so political considerations will play a key role,” a government source said on Wednesday. [ full story |