U.S. Envoy to Visit Sri Lanka as Pressure Builds for War Crimes Inquiry

The PPT Panel at Bremen in December 2013U.S. Envoy to Visit Sri Lanka as Pressure Builds for War Crimes Inquiry[ New York Times ][ Jan 30 16:16 GMT ]

A top State Department official is expected to arrive in Colombo on Friday, just three days after the United States announced that it would again seek a resolution at the United Nations Human Rights Council pressing for an investigation into allegations of war crimes in Sri Lanka. Nisha Biswal, the assistant secretary of state for Central and South Asian affairs, is expected to meet with government officials, members of the opposition and members of the civil society. She is also expected to travel to Jaffna, a city in the heart of the Tamil-dominated Northern Province of Sri Lanka. [ full story |

US official arrives in Sri Lanka to push reconciliation[ AFP ][ Jan 31 11:18 GMT ]

A top US official, Nisha Biswal, the assistant secretary of state for South and Central Asia arrived in Colombo on Friday to push for reconciliation in Sri Lanka which is under increasing international pressure over rights abuses during its separatist war, diplomats said.The visits come ahead of a United Nations’ review of Colombo’s human rights record. A third US-initiated censure motion against Sri Lanka is set to be discussed at the UN Human Rights Council in March.”The new resolution will be part of the discussions that she will have with Sri Lankan officials,” the embassy spokesman said. [ full story |

Top US diplomat for South Asia traveling to Sri Lanka[ Arab News ][ Jan 28 19:53 GMT ]

The top US diplomat for South Asia is going to Sri Lanka to discuss post-war reconciliation as Washington prepares to press that government at the UN’s top human rights body. Assistant Secretary of State Nisha Biswal will travel to Sri Lanka on Friday, and discuss with officials post-conflict reconciliation, justice and accountability issues. She will also travel to Jaffna and meet with officials of a newly elected provincial council in the north of the country — the former epicenter of the civil war that ended in 2009. [ full story |

NZ leader assures independent foreign policy and international investigation

Leader of the Opposition in the New Zealand Parliament, Mr David Cunliffe, on Saturday, assured that his party would follow an independent foreign policy and would support international investigations into the war crimes and crimes committed against Tamils. He was addressing a grand gathering of Eezham Tamils celebrating Pongkal festival at the Mt. Eden War Memorial Hall in Auckland. The NZ Labour Party leader has promising chances of becoming the next Prime Minister, political observers in New Zealand said. Full story >>

Wigneswaran confuses court and legislature in naming genocide

However flimsy it is, if the Northern Provincial Council (NPC) is a legislative body exercising the power of the people, it need not have any inhibition over calling a spade a spade, or qualms over presenting a case to the world with a nomenclature it decides as righteous. But, the NPC Chief Minister Mr C.V. Wigneswaran, a former justice, who was for long interpreting and ensuring the implementation of the laws enacted by the Colombo legislature of the genocidal State of Sri Lanka, confused court and the legislative powers of the NPC in diluting the word genocide into ‘equivalent to genocide’, in passing a crucial resolution on Monday calling for international investigations, commented Tamil activists for alternative politics in the island. Full story >>

UNHRC urged against considering PSC route

Genocidal Sri Lanka’s President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s submissions to the UNHRC seek international pressure on the TNA and the UNP to take part in the deliberations of the deceptive Parliamentary Select Committee (PSC). Rajapakse has not implemented even a single recommendation of his own Commissions and Committees so far. On what grounds can the International Community guarantee that a future for the Tamils lies in Sri Lanka, questioned a media release of the Tamil Action Front, New Zealand, on Tuesday. The media release signed by Mr. A. Theva Rajan reminded Tamils and the international community to never subscribe to the continuity of the catalogue of deceits. Full story >>

PPT verdict and Eelam Tamils

While the PPT hearings peeled away the layers of oppression the Eelam Tamils had faced due to the prolonged activities of the UK and USA, a “vortex model” that is now put in action with the allure of proximity to power, has created a new kind of thinking among many Eelam Tamils. These Eelam Tamils rationalise their pro-UK-USA position, thinking that Eelam Tamils will not gain justice without the support of these states and thus exposing their complicity will not work in our favour. Such a position is incompatible with the meaning of struggle. Eelam Tamils should develop a better strategy for their struggle than one that requires them to cover up the crimes of those states that were in complicity in the genocide. The PPT verdict should play a central role in that new strategy, writes N. Malathy. Full story >>

Press Colombo to allow war crimes probe: Amnesty to India[ IANS ][ Jan 29 15:04 GMT ]

“An elected body of representatives calling for an international probe shows how little faith some people in Sri Lanka have in any domestic mechanism,” said G. Ananthapadmanabhan, chief executive, Amnesty International India. “India must take note of this resolution and press Sri Lanka at every opportunity to conduct an independent international investigation into all allegations of crimes under international law committed by Sri Lankan government forces as well as the LTTE,” he said. [ full story |

Sri Lanka guilty of the crime of genocide against the Hindu Tamils:The Permanent Peoples’ Tribunal [ World Hindu News ][ Jan 30 13:50 GMT ]

The Tribunal found that genocide against the Eelam Tamil group has not yet achieved the total destruction of their identity. The genocidal coordinated plan of actions reached its climax on May 2009, but it is clear that the Sri Lanka Government project to erase the Eelam Tamil identity, corroborated by the above mentioned conduct, shows that genocide is a process and that process is ongoing. The genocidal strategy changed once the perpetrators gained control of the territory. The killings are being transformed into other forms of conduct, but the intention to destroy the group and its identity remains and continues, through causing serious bodily or mental harm to members of the Eelam Tamil group. [ full story |

Sri Lanka rejects growing calls for UN war crimes investigation[ Telegraph ][ Jan 30 13:54 GMT ]

President Rajapaksa is set to clash with Britain and the United States over their plans to push for an international war crimes investigation… The rejection sets President Mahinda Rajapaksa’s government on a collision course with Britain after David Cameron, the prime minister, warned last year he would call for an international inquiry if Sri Lanka failed initiate its own independent investigation by March this year. [ full story |