Governance In Northern Province Of Sri Lanka: Stresses And Strains

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Governance In Northern Province Of Sri Lanka: Stresses And Strains – Analysis[ IDSA ][ Jan 23 18:03 GMT ]

CV Wigneswaran, Chief Minister of Northern Province of Sri Lanka has lamented in a recent public speech on January 10, organized by a Colombo-based think tank that Colombo is not appreciative of the essence of issues of governance in his province. The Chief Minister has opined that Sri Lanka Army (SLA) is hindering governance in the northern province and that post-war context demands a different approach to governance.1 Wigneswaran has further highlighted that militarization is affecting resettlement of the internally displaced Tamils, the SLA has taken over private land and even agricultural activities and as a result “locals have to purchase produce from their own land cultivated by Army”. [ full story |

South African Tamil Leader Calls For Those Responsible For Genocide Of Tamils In Sri Lanka To Be Brought To Justice[ SG blog ][ Jan 24 13:25 GMT ]

“We highly condemn to what happened to our Tamil people in Sri Lanka,” he said. “We will not accept how they are being treated and we will raise our concerns. The law must take its course against those people who were responsible for the genocide against the Tamil people. In any society where there has been wrong doing, the law processes must be put into place.” “We will then formulate a co-ordinated approach under the banner of the SATF. We will then take this as an agenda issue to the Government and then we will say we want to be involved in a workable solution in Sri Lanka. “We will formulate something at our conference on March 1 and 2 in Johannesburg. [ full story |

NZ leader assures independent foreign policy and international investigation[ TamilNet ][ Jan 24 13:39 GMT ]

Leader of the Opposition in the New Zealand Parliament, Mr David Cunliffe, on Saturday, assured that his party would follow an independent foreign policy and would support international investigations into the war crimes and crimes committed against Tamils. He was addressing a grand gathering of Eezham Tamils celebrating Pongkal festival at the Mt. Eden War Memorial Hall in Auckland. The NZ Labour Party leader has promising chances of becoming the next Prime Minister, political observers in New Zealand said. [ full story |

NDP’s Sitsabaiesan ‘right to be concerned’ in Sri Lanka, says Mulcair[ CBC News ][ Jan 25 16:35 GMT ]

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is defending MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan’s trip to Sri Lanka over the holidays in a recent letter to the high commissioner, stating that Sitsabaiesan had “no intention to embarrass” the country’s government. The letter was sent in response to accusations by the Sri Lankan high commissioner that Sitsabaiesan was trying to do just that by claiming she faced political intimidation while on a personal trip to the country. Mulcair said the controversy was only created when Sitsabaiesan was followed, and that she “was right to be concerned.” [ full story |

SL May Be Let Off the Hook Again at UNHRC Meet[ ENS ][ Jan 26 11:48 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is likely to be let off the hook again at the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) session in March this year, political sources say. The US, the UK, France and Germany seem determined to seek an independent international inquiry into alleged human rights violations in the last phase of Eelam War IV. But most member countries are likely to support only a mild resolution against Sri Lanka. In March 2013, the harsh US resolution would not have been passed if India had not modified it. [ full story |

Cracks In Diaspora[ Sunday Leader ][ Jan 26 13:20 GMT ]

Cracks have begun to emerge among the Tamil Diaspora groups which were collectively campaigning against the Sri Lankan government both during and after the war. The first major crack came with the British Tamils Forum saying it has decided to distance itself from the Global Tamil Forum (GTF) which is also based in London. BTF said that when the war came to a bloody end in 2009, there was an urgent need to unite Tamils around the world and give collective voice to their aspirations. [ full story |

A Cry For Answers[ Sunday Leader ][ Jan 26 13:58 GMT ]

What do we tell the children about their father? How do we run the households? These were some of the questions that weeping women asked the Presidential Commission on Disappearances which had public sittings in the North last week. Anandi Sasitharan, the wife of former LTTE Trincomalee District political head S. Elilan was among those who met the Presidential Commission on disappearances and lodged a complaint about her missing husband. Sasitharan said that she shared details about her husband with the Commission and insisted that he was last seen with the army. Sasitharan met the Commission in Kilinochchi where it has been recording statements from families of those reported missing. [ full story |

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