Sri Lanka mass grave yields more skeletons

skeletons have been found
Sri Lanka mass grave count hits 36[ AFP ][ Jan 18 17:48 GMT ]

Forensic experts have discovered more bodies in an unmarked mass grave in Sri Lanka’s former war zone, raising the total to 36, an official said Friday. A team led by judicial medical officer Dhananjaya Waidyaratne found four more skeletons on Thursday in the first mass grave uncovered since troops defeated Tamil rebels nearly five years ago. “The bodies have been buried in several layers,” Waidyaratne told the BBC’s Sinhala Service at the northern district of Mannar, where the grave was found. [ full story |

Human Skeletons Uncovered in Mass Grave in Sri Lanka[ International Business Times ][ Jan 18 11:11 GMT ]

A mass grave containing more than 30 skulls has been uncovered in northern Sri Lanka, fuelling speculation that there may be many more like it containing the remains of thousands who went missing during the island nation’s nearly three-decade war. Workers stumbled on the human remains as they dug up roadside paving for a water project near a historic Hindu temple in the district of Mannar. [ full story |

Mass grave fuels fear of 1000s buried in Sri Lanka[ Reuters ][ Jan 18 11:08 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is already under international pressure to address alleged wartime human rights violations. A failure to probe the discovery could fuel the anger of Western nations demanding an independent international investigation into suspected abuses.”The loss of lives, according to us, is between 75 000 to 150 000. Where are those remains?” TNA legislator MA Sumanthiran told Reuters. “They must be somewhere. If they were put into incinerators and destroyed, we don’t know. But we don’t think more than 100 000 would have been dealt with like that.” [ full story |

Sri Lanka mass grave yields more skeletons[ BBC ][ Jan 18 10:55 GMT ]

The Roman Catholic Bishop of Mannar, Rayappu Joseph added that the site had been under army control “for a long time” and that although the Tamil Tigers had a presence in the area, they would not have been capable of making such a large mass grave.But police spokesman Ajith Rohana, said the area had been under Tamil Tiger control since at least 1993. He declined to comment on the possible culprits. The grave is already becoming the subject of a Sri Lanka-style propaganda battle in cyber-space. [ full story |

Mass grave fuels fear of thousands buried in Sri Lanka war zone[ Reuters ][ Jan 17 13:46 GMT ]

The discovery of a mass grave containing more than 30 skulls in northern Sri Lanka has fuelled speculation that there may be many more like it containing the remains of thousands who went missing during the island nation’s nearly three-decade war.”The bodies are buried in several layers. Unfortunately, the top layer of the bodies have been destroyed by the road construction work,” said Dhanajaya Waidyaratne, the Judicial Medical Officer in charge of the excavation. “This grave has grown-up people and children, and there are some holes in the skulls believed to be from gunshots,” the Catholic Bishop of Mannar, Rayappu Joseph, who went to inspect the mass grave and the skeletons, told Reuters. [ full story |

Britain allowed ex-SAS officers to train Sri Lankans as Tamil Tigers rebelled[ The Guardian ][ Jan 17 06:26 GMT ]

Former SAS officers were allowed by the British government to train security forces in Sri Lanka around the time of the 1980s Golden Temple massacre, recently released government documents show. The disclosure comes days after documents emerged appearing to show that SAS officers were involved in training Indian troops in the months leading up to the raid on the Amritsar temple, the Sikh religion’s holiest site, in June 1984. [ full story |

Colonization Schemes :What Did The B-C Pact Say? [ Sangam ] by Hon.R.Sampanthan-MP,, December 15, 2013

 I am happy to follow the Minister, the Hon. Janaka Bandara Tennakoon, who, I think, in the course of his statement referred to the multifarious problems that exist in the North and the East pertaining to State land. I will be dealing with some of these issues in the course of my speech.[ full story |