UN Genocide Presser Ignores Rwanda, 1st Q to Defender of Sri Lanka

SriLanka genocide

UN Genocide Presser Ignores Rwanda, 1st Q to Defender of Sri Lanka[ Inner City Press ][ Jan 16 12:26 GMT ]

When a genocide press conference was held Tuesday at the United Nations, ostensibly about Rwanda, it was classic UN. Most of the questions had nothing to do with Rwanda, which is as ignored as it was in 1994. The first question was given automatically to the United Nations Correspondents Association, a group whose leadership reported little for example during the slaughter in Sri Lanka in 2009. Then UNCA screened a Sri Lanka government film denying war crimes, and tried to censor critical Press coverage of it. (Under the questioner Pam Falk of CBS no reforms have been made.) [ full story |

Stories Less Told: Psychosocial Workers in Sri Lanka[ Asia Foundation ][ Jan 16 13:39 GMT ]

May 2009 marked the end of Sri Lanka’s 26-year civil war, but much work remains to heal the deep psychological wounds from this long and brutal ethnic conflict. This photo essay documents The Asia Foundation’s psychosocial program in Sri Lanka through the lens of six psychosocial workers working with the Family Rehabilitation Centre (FRC) in the North and East of Sri Lanka – the regions most affected by the war. [ full story |

TNA councillor to resist Lanka govt plans for rehabilitation[ PTI ][ Jan 15 15:10 GMT ]

Reacting to the possibility of being sent to a Sri Lankan government—run rehabilitation camp meant for LTTE detainees, a TNA woman councillor of the northern provincial council has said she would resist the move. Speaking to local media, Ananthi Saseetharan said that putting her under rehabilitation would require her arrest and any attempt to do so would have international repercussions for the government. [ full story |

Colombo targets NPC member Ananthi for witnessing against Sri Lanka[TamilNet 16 Jan 2014, 07:59 GMT]

“I am fully prepared to confront the Sri Lankan Ministry of Defence, which has leaked a news threatening to put me through their so-called military rehabilitation,” said Ananthi Sasitharan, the only woman candidate of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC), who also polled largest number of preferential votes next to the chief minister candidate of the NPC. Ms Ananthi Sasistharan was one of the public witnesses at the recent hearings by the Permanent Peoples Tribunal held in Bremen. She also met the US Ambassador-at-Large for War Crimes Issues, who visited Jaffna recently and explained to him that what went on in Vanni in 2009 was a genocidal onslaught and that a programme of structural genocide was being stepped up against Eezham Tamils. Full story 

New Democrat MP Rathika Sitsabaiesan says she was followed, interrogated in Sri Lanka[ Toronto Star ][ Jan 16 12:37 GMT ]

It took a day for Rathika Sitsabaiesan to realize she was being followed. The first person to notice the men on motorbikes was her hired driver. On the day she arrived in Sri Lanka, where the 32-year old MP was born, he told her that people were following them. “I was slow to catch on, because I didn’t expect it, I wasn’t used to it,” Sitsabaiesan told the Star in her first interview since returning to Canada on Tuesday. [ full story |

A Fleeting Moment In My Country’: Interview with Dr N Malathy [ Tamil Guardian ][ Jan 16 12:34 GMT ]

Tamil Guardian caught up with the author of ‘A Fleeting Moment in My Country’, Dr N Malathy, to speak about experiences described in her book. Dr N Malathy, a Tamil diaspora activist, currently working as an analyst and programmer at the University of Cantebury, has lived in New Zealand for over 4 decades. She spent 4 years working for various human rights and social welfare institutions, within the Tamil de-facto state in Vanni from 2005 to 2009. ‘A Fleeting Moment In My Country’ describes, Malathy’s experience and reflections of the LTTE administered de-facto state after returning to the region to engage in social welfare work. [ full story |

With more attacks against churches, Sri Lanka also joins list of countries with high religious hostility[ Public Square ][ Jan 16 13:18 GMT ]

Two churches in Hikkaduwa were attacked last Sunday. The Assembly of God church and Calvary free churches were attacked during Sunday Morning mass. Video footage, aired by a Sri Lankan television channel, showed monks hurling stones, destroying pictures, and burning documents with the help of protesters at the sites.Police were reportedly called by the pastors to when the attacks started. Police Spokesperson Ajith Rohana admitted that police were unable to stop the attack due to the small number of personnel present. [ full story |