Transcend SA model, SL State and West’s mechanisms in seeking justice

Transcend SA model, SL State and West’s mechanisms in seeking justice: Fr Rajan[Thu, 02 Jan 2014, 07:04 GMT]

The South African model that betrayed its people is now taken up by Colombo just to save war criminals. It is futile for Tamils to expect justice from any future government of SL State. Tamils also have to reconsider approaching their struggle once again through West’s mechanisms of justice. The current TNA failed to combine moderate politics with the politics of struggle. Steering Tamil national polity for crumps can’t be justified as ‘diplomacy.’ Tamil intellectuals have to think beyond the trap of ‘Transitional Justice’ and investigate potentialities of the concept Post-Transitional Justice, which is non-state, multi-sited, multi-actor and multi-referential, said Fr Elil Rajan, advocating Chile model, at a gathering in the East last week that remembered slain TNA parliamentarian Mr Joseph Pararajasingham.

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