Sri Lanka’s War had Witnesses

Artillery in Maththalan-Vanni-March 2009Scars of Sri Lanka[ al-Jazeera ][ Dec 24 14:45 GMT ]

One senior military official in the north admits the army is keeping a close eye on Tamils with foreign contacts but insists the claims are fabrications by Tamils trying to live in foreign nations. President Mahinda Rajapaksa told CHOGM that Sri Lanka is investigating claims of war crimes and has a legal system to investigate any claims of human rights abuses. Activists tell us they have been unable to successfully prosecute any cases of alleged torture through that system. [ full story |

Sri Lanka’s War had Witnesses : Indian Journalist B. Murali Reddy[ Sri Express ][ Dec 24 14:51 GMT ]

Firstly Sri Lanka’s war did have witnesses. The witnesses were however NOT – Gordon Weiss, Francis Harrison, Channel 4, the Darusman Panel, Charles Petrie and a whole list of others who have promoted themselves as witnesses when they are not because they were never inside the war zone.Murali Reddy was a journalist part of a group of journalists from The Hindu/Frontline and All India Radio/Doordarshan. These were the ONLY foreign print/electronic media allowed access. The Indian journalists were attached to the 58 Division of the Sri Lanka Army headed by Brig. Shavendra Silva. [ full story |

Indian national arrested for filming in Sri Lanka[ NDTV ][ Dec 26 12:56 GMT ]

An Indian national has been arrested in Sri Lanka on charges of filming a military installation in Kilinochchi, the former LTTE stronghold, police said today. “An Indian national was arrested in Kilinochchi yesterday. He had videoed a military camp, road, war devastation of buildings,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana said. Rohana the 24-year-old Tamil Nadu resident had arrived in Lanka on a tourist visa. “As he had violated the visa rules, he was handed over to the immigration authorities,” he added. [ full story |

Sri Lanka war dead count improper: Tamil party[ NDTV ][ Dec 26 13:11 GMT ]

Sri Lanka’s main Tamil party today said a census to ascertain the number of dead and disappeared in the country’s nearly three-decade-long civil war was not being conducted properly. “We feel that the census is not being properly conducted,” said M A Sumanthiran, a senior leader of the Tamil National Alliance (TNA). TNA’s grassroots representatives in the former conflict zone were of the opinion that the census was not being done in the right manner, he said. [ full story |

Top US delegation due here[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 26 23:25 GMT ]

Ahead of the March UNHRC session, the United States will dispatch its newly appointed Assistant Secretary for South and Central Asian Affairs Nisha Desai Biswal to Sri Lanka next month to review the progress of implementing measures outlined in the previous resolution on Sri Lanka, the Daily Mirror learns.Meanwhile, the government will also initiate diplomatic action to brief the international community on achievements made on the ground in the implementation of the LLRC recommendations. For that purpose, Presidential Secretary Lalith Weeratunga will head for Geneva during the latter part of January to brief the permanent representatives of different countries, ahead of the UNHRC session. [ full story |

Wild horse sanctuary for Sri Lanka’s Delft Island[ Horse Talk ][ Dec 26 23:33 GMT ]

A wild horse sanctuary is being considered for Delft Island in the Northern Province of Sri Lanka. Discussions over a sanctuary on the island, a popular tourist destination, were announced by Sri Lanka Minister of Wildlife Conservation Vijith Vijayamuni Soysa following a meeting with the country’s Minister of Traditional Industries and Small Enterprises Development, Douglas Devananda. [ full story |

We Remain Hopeful Global Tamil Forum[ Sunday Leader ][ Dec 27 13:56 GMT ]

Let’s not forget the United Nations Human Rights Council has passed two consecutive resolutions calling for the Government to address the issue of accountability and resolve the Tamil National question through genuine political negotiations with the Tamil representatives. Looking for amnesty for the aggressors without addressing accountability in full – for breaches of laws of the land and international laws and serving justice to the victims for crimes committed – will not bring sustainable long term reconciliation. A peaceful Sri Lanka can be established when the above is addressed, an acceptable political solution is negotiated and implemented with the international community’s help. We will remain hopeful. [ full story |