New mass grave found in Sri Lanka four years after war

New mass grave found in Sri Lanka four years after war[ AFP ][ Dec 22 17:21 GMT ] SRI LANKA-UNREST-BRITAIN-MEDIA-FILES

New mass grave found in Sri Lanka four years after war olice tape closes off part of a mass grave, at the Matale hospital compound in central Sri Lanka.An unmarked mass grave has been found in Sri Lanka’s former war zone, the first discovery of an unmarked gravesite since troops defeated Tamil rebels more than four years ago, police said on Sunday. “A judicial medical officer has gone to the site. Further forensic examinations are underway to determine the age of the mass grave,” Rohana told AFP. “Additional staff are being inducted for the investigation.” [ full story |

US Steps Up the Drumbeat on Sri Lankan Human Rights[ Global Research ][ Dec 20 20:16 GMT ]

The Obama administration is stepping up its pressure on Sri Lanka on “human rights,” with discussions taking place on another resolution critical of its record to be put to the UN Human Rights Council (UNHRC) meeting next March. The US and its allies are using the threat of a probe into Sri Lankan war crimes and human rights abuses to press the Colombo government to align more strongly with the West. [ full story |

We had a systemic failure in SL-UN Dy Chief[ Daily Mirror ][ Dec 20 10:58 GMT ]

The United Nations said that it had a systemic failure of the UN system in Sri Lanka as a whole. Deputy Secretary-General Jan Eliasson briefing journalists in New York about the new “Rights up Front” initiative said: “You may recall in the IRP [Internal Review Panel] Report on Sri Lanka, that we had a systemic failure of the UN system as a whole and that we need to show greater flexibilities and come up with speedier action.” Mr. Eliasson stressed, echoing his remarks to an informal meeting of the General Assembly earlier this week. [ full story |

Man held for organising LTTE gathering[ Free Malaysia Today ][ Dec 19 13:28 GMT ]

A man has been arrested under the Sedition Act for organising a gathering in Kulim, Kedah, on Saturday to mark the birthday of Tamil Tigers chief V Prabhakaran, who was killed by Sri Lankan forces. DAP national vice-chairman M Kulasegaran urged the police to publicly state whether the Liberation of Tamil Tigers (LTTE) was banned in Malaysia. The Ipoh Barat MP quoted Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Khalid Abu Bakar as saying: “What has this terrorist (Prabhakaran) got to do with our country? Why try to invite people to glorify a terrorist?” [ full story |

Sri Lanka to resettle displaced people by 2014[ IANS ][ Dec 18 11:20 GMT ]

Sri Lanka Tuesday announced that it hopes to complete the resettlement of its internally displaced people (IDP) by next year. Minor issues still remain to be addressed on the resettlement of war displaced people, Xinhua quoted Sri Lanka’s Deputy Resettlement Minister Vinayagamoorthy Muralitharan, a former senior rebel member, as saying. The deputy minister said the government needs time to complete the resettlement process and it hopes to do that by the end of next year. [ full story |

Family of murdered British aid worker in Sri Lanka still awaiting justice[ Guardian ][ Dec 22 17:18 GMT ]

Mohammad Zaman Shaikh woke up on Christmas Day 2011 feeling sick and uneasy. He had slept badly but couldn’t say precisely why. All he knew was that something wasn’t right.”The Sri Lankan authorities have handled the case in a painfully slow manner,” he says. “They are trying to brush it under the carpet in the hope that people will forget about what happened and that we will stop fighting for justice.” But what they fail to understand, he adds, is that “we will never stop fighting for justice”. [ full story |

Who is to blame for shaming Sri Lanka?[ Sunday Times ][ Dec 22 17:26 GMT ]

ri Lanka’s ‘dirty linen’ should not be washed internationally, comes from none other than President Mahinda Rajapaksa himself who, in an infinitely more preferable avatar as an opposition parliamentarian, once waxed strident against the Southern disappearances of the eighties in the corridors of the United Nations. Famously he was stopped at the Katunayake International Airport on one such occasion and ‘incriminating’ material taken away from him. Indeed placard-holding demonstrators were a most useful tactic practised by parliamentarian Rajapaksa at that time to whip up national fury and successfully unseat the governing United National Party. Sri Lankan demonstrators, protesting against the atrocities of his administration post 2009, are only following in this excellent lead. Should they be blamed for this? One thinks not, surely. [ full story |

Does Sri Lanka Need A TRC?[ Sunday Leader ][ Dec 22 17:28 GMT ]

Of late, the Government of Sri Lanka (GoSL) has taken interest in studying the recovery process of South Africa, leading many to believe that GoSL is being considerate of TRC approaches in its own national reconciliation process. Many are of the opinion that, if a TRC is being established in Sri Lanka, it needs to be contextualized according to the country specific requirements and should demonstrate transparency. [ full story |