Dispatch: Sri Lanka’s 17 Murdered Aid Workers, Unforgotten

17 of its aid workers in 2006Dispatch: Sri Lanka’s 17 Murdered Aid Workers, Unforgotten[ HRW ][ Dec 05 13:41 GMT ]

The tribute prefacing a new report by the international aid agency Action Contre la Faim (ACF, Action Against Hunger) is heart-wrenching: 17 black-and-white photos of fresh-faced, mostly 20-something men and women. Most are humanitarian technicians. And all were shot and killed execution-style in Mutur, in northeastern Sri Lanka, on August 4, 2006. Later that month I visited ACF’s Colombo office, where everyone was in shock. It was unclear who was responsible for the killings: the rebel Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam, who had briefly occupied Mutur, or state security forces who recaptured the town after heavy fighting. [ full story |

The Truth about the Assassination of 17 Humanitarian Aid Workers in Sri Lanka[ ACF International ][ Dec 04 17:05 GMT ]

Ahead of International Human Rights Day, observed on 10th December, humanitarian organisation Action Against Hunger | ACF International reveals publicly for the first time who is responsible for the assassination of the 17 humanitarian aid workers killed on 4th August 2006 in the city of Muttur, Sri Lanka, and who protected the perpetrators of the crime. In one of the most serious crimes ever committed against humanitarian workers, the 17 aid workers were lined up, forced to their knees and shot in the head. Entitled The Truth about the Assassination of 17 Humanitarian Aid Workers in Sri Lanka, the report unveils that according to the information ACF holds, the aid workers were assassinated by members of the Sri Lankan security forces… [ full story |

Sri Lanka’s forces accused of massacring aid workers[ BBC ][ Dec 03 17:16 GMT ]

A French charity has accused Sri Lanka’s security forces of killing 17 of its aid workers in 2006, and demanded an international inquiry. Action Against Hunger (ACF) said it had been awaiting the outcome of Sri Lanka’s own inquiries but they had turned into a “farce”. The workers were found shot dead at their office in the town of Muttur. A Sri Lankan military spokesman rejected ACF’s allegations, suggesting the charity had withheld evidence. [ full story |