The shadow of war

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The shadow of war[ The News International ][ Nov 30 14:48 GMT ]

The violence in Sri Lanka may have ended but long-standing grievances on both sides have not vanished. When the conflict between government forces and Tamil separatists effectively came to end in 2009 after more than two decades, Sri Lanka began its journey towards increasing its regional power. With the help of loans from both China and India, the country has been rebuilding and putting itself on the map as an important member of the regional and international community. The Commonwealth summit held there earlier this month was supposed to be an important milestone in this journey. [ full story |

Diaspora group ‘sceptical’ about Sri Lanka census[ SBS ][ Nov 30 11:18 GMT ]

A Tamil Australian community group says it is somewhat sceptical about a Sri Lankan government survey into the death toll from a decades-long civil war in the country.However, despite the resources being poured into the survey, a spokeswoman for the National Tamil Congress, Dr Sam Pari, is questioning the motives of the Sri Lankan government. “The Sri Lankan government and Sri Lankan officials are known to be corrupt. They are known to swindle a lot of money and they are known to manipulate numbers and statistics to serve their own purpose,” she said. [ full story |

Sri Lanka Detains Three for Paying Tribute to LTTE Rebels[ PTI ][ Nov 29 16:36 GMT ]

Three persons arrested in northeast Sri Lanka for commemorating the achievements of LTTE rebels were produced in a court today. Police said they were arrested at Murukkandi in Mannar district on November 26. They were presented before a local magistrate. “It is illegal to celebrate a banned terrorist organisation,” police spokesman Ajith Rohana said. November 26 was celebrated annually by the LTTE as “Heroes’ Day” to commemorate those who died in the fight to carve out a separate Tamil homeland. [ full story |

Sri Lanka set to begin survey of civil war dead[ BBC ][ Nov 28 11:02 GMT ]

Sri Lanka is set to start a survey to determine the number of people killed during the country’s 26-year civil war, the government says. The census will collect information on deaths, missing people and damage to property from 1983 to 2009, it said. It comes amid international pressure over allegations of mass civilian deaths at the end of the conflict. A Commonwealth summit held in Sri Lanka this month was overshadowed by claims of war crimes. [ full story |

Tough Australian policy fails to discourage Sri Lankan asylum seekers[ IRIN ][ Nov 29 15:01 GMT ]

Heightened border surveillance in Sri Lanka, as well as recent agreements between Australia and Sri Lanka to divert and deport would-be asylum seekers, have slashed the number of Sri Lankans reaching Australia’s shores by boat, say Australian authorities. Yet these measures have failed to discourage an increasing number – mostly from the island’s former conflict zones in the north and east – from attempting the dangerous journey. In 2013 (up to 7 November) close to 2,000 Sri Lankan asylum seekers arrived by sea in Australian territories such as Christmas Island, Ashmore Reef and Cocos (Keeling) Islands, according to Australia’s Customs and Border Protection office. In 2012, three times as many Sri Lankans reached Australia’s shores. [ full story |